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Project Life 2014 – Week 18

Hey there friends. Well I went for something a bit different this week. Inspired by the comments about my “circle journalling” from last week and by circles in general, cause … Continue Reading →

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Project Life 2014 – Week 17

Week 17 here we go. This week pretty much marks th start of a downturn of time to spend on PL, photos and a lot of things in general mainly … Continue Reading →

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Project Life 2014 – Week 16

So week 16. This was a great week because we were away on holidays and I wish we were back there right now. We just had the best time and … Continue Reading →

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Project Life 2014 – Week 15

Yep Week 15. I’m behind but not at all stressed about that! Week 15 I continued the use of the Becky Higgins Midnight Kit. I just want to pause and … Continue Reading →


Project Life 2014 – Week 14

‘Hello There’ week 14 indeed.  This was a high intensity week for me in particular. Lots of flying, very early mornings, meeting too many amazing people to count only to … Continue Reading →


Project Life 2014 – Week 13

Thanks for dropping by to see my week 13. No printing of journalling this week all handwritten. Went for a very simple balck and white look with Becky Higgins grid … Continue Reading →


Project Life 2014 – Week 12

Hi. Here we go with some Project Life catch up posts. Here is week 12 and this is the first time EVER I have used Pink as the main colour … Continue Reading →


Project Life 2014 – Week 11

And we’re off an rolling again starting with Week 11. Yep Week 11. I have lost count what week we are in now  17? .. 18 maybe?  All good my … Continue Reading →


Those little white borders …

Hi there! Remember me? I know it’s been a while. Between work, holidays, school holidays and everything else I have not been around here much lately. Sorry if you missed … Continue Reading →


Project Life 2014 – Week 10

Ok I don’t have much time for this week’s post as I am getting ready for the Craft House Project Life Party event this week but I thought I’d show … Continue Reading →