Whole Orange Cake

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I discovered this recipe a few months ago. I was most curious (perhaps even dubious) about the ‘whole’ Orange part of the recipe and must admit I had some doubts. No one in this family likes orange peel in their cakes. Or in any food for that matter.

The result was delightfully surprising. The cake was sweet (but not too sweet), beautifully moist, extremely simple and gone in a day! The biggest surprise was that no one (and we have some fussy eaters int his house) knew that I had taken an entire orange, skin and all, blitzed it and put it into the cake.

These pictures (as always) are  of the actual result.

Orange cake recipe can be found  here

It is super simple and the only changes I made were a little less sugar and you can use lemon juice in the icing instead of orange.  (cause you just used up the WHOLE orange right?). Plus the lemon juice gives it a nice bit of tang which everyone seems to love.

In fact this is one recipe I even entered into my project life album as it has become an instant family favourite and it tastes far better than the effort involved in making it. Perfect!





Lincoln: Good Cake!

April: Very sweet and yummy and tasted very orangey.

Calvin:  Delicious and fantastic.

Mackenzie: Yummy!

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