2012 The End

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Just a quick little post to round up my 2012 Project Life Journey.

1. PHOTO A DAY – I am still amazed at being able to take a photo a day. It’s a habit now and for me has been the cornerstone to being able to complete weekly layouts with ease and confidence. No, not all the photos are stellar but, they capture life and that’s good enough for me.

2. TIME CAPSULE – I am ย so grateful for the Becky Higgins Project Life format. It has made it possible to organise and document the many photos that I took though the year but, not only that, it’s allowed me to add notes and journalling that make the albums into a real story about us. A story that I hope one day someone will enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed creating. At very least help us as a family remember the things that are so easily forgotten. Funnily, We have already used it as a reference in this 12 months and it has solved arguments such as “do you remember what colour…..?”, “Was it May or July that we….?. You get the picture.

3. MY ALBUM, MY WAY – I learned that it’s ok to change your your mind on he design you use, the colours and the feel of things from week to week. So far, no one that has flipped though my albums has noticed as they are generally too taken away with the content. Which is what’s it’s really all about. The Pictures and the stories.

So how many albums did I end up with for 2012? Two. There is just no way to fit mine into one because as you can see I like to add ‘bits’.


Finally, I thought in closing I’d also share a picture of my very last page. I felt the last page had to be simple (just like my first) and this was it.


I hope you have enjoyed following my ย journey, am humbled that you have dropped by my blog to look around or even to leave me one of the many lovely comments. ย I look forward to sharing more with you in my 2013 pages!

Thanks For Dropping In



  1. Oh I really like this! What a fun way to end the year. …and how much fun will it be to look back from year to year with a shot like that! Great job! Thank you for sharing your Project Life with us!

    • Thank You.
      Yes I am thinking that perhaps it could be fun to take a photo like this at the end of this year and see it change through the years.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. absolutely awesome last page photo Petra – thanks once again for the brilliant inspiration – I think I’m turning into a groupie, stalking your blog constantly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. LOVE your family shot at the end. Very Creative ๐Ÿ™‚ You have done an awesome Job this year and I look forward to following your PL and gaining inspiration from you this year.

    • Hey Amanada,
      You are so sweet. Great to see you here too.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Good Morning Kristie,
      Yes it was a bit of fun. Stay tuned to cover page of 2013, has a similar feel.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Kelly,

      I know isn’t it great. It’s like pulling out an encyclopedia but on US! I love saying “See, there is a photo right here and this is when it happened” LOL!

      Aaah I seriously LOVE project life.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Fantastic way to end a fantastic year, I think the flipside of that photo will be the start of 2013, love your photography skills and different angles. Love to check in and see your pages, oh and those orange albums are gorgeous.

    • Thank you Michelle,
      Well you’re not too far off with the front page of 2013 but with a twist ๐Ÿ˜‰ stay tuned.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  5. You, my friend, are just amazing. I live that you are sharing all this and am so NOT surprised about how many people you are inspiring.

    • Aaaaaw Michelle,
      Always love seeing you on here and glad you are enjoying the journey with me x

      Thanks For Dropping In

  6. Love how you ended your album Petra. It’s true what you say about looking at the big picture of your life. My 2012 album is still a work in progress, yet I loved sitting down the other day to take some time to flip through it, remember things I had already forgotten and reflect on how I was thinking then and compare it with today. Love this form of memory keeping.

    • Hi Casey & thank you.
      Yes it’s is a beautiful way to keep memories of life, not just events.

      Thanks For Droping In

    • Thank You, I must say it’s nice when something you pictured in your head just works out.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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