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Just in time it’s week Forty Nine! Oh week 49. I had some … what shall I call them? … photographic challenges this week. Reflection, shadows everything was working against me. I realise now I will need to come up with a better and consistent solution […]

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G’Day I have no doubt that the reason you have stumbled to this page/blog today is because of the lovely, orange badge on the left ( I know, hard to miss right?) First of all I’d like to say “Thanks For Dropping In”. I was totally […]

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I hope I’m not to late…. here comes week FORTY EIGHT Is December really here already? REALLY? It Feels like it was only weeks ago we were packing up last years tree and this week up it went again. I used my glossy Nutmeg Thickers […]

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Lightly Sparkling

I love sparkling water. I know there are some of you that can’t stand it and some like me that love it. For me it’s a wonderfully refreshing middle ground between a carbonated soft drink and a glass of plain ol’ water. No guilt of […]

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Birthday Cupcakes

It has become tradition that on the kids’ birthdays I make cupcakes for them to share at school/kindy with their friends. We have 3 birthdays a year to cater for and usually 2 to 3 dozen are required. Now I am no cupcake queen, no […]

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It’s almost Eleven but I’ve finished WEEK FORTY SEVEN I had lots of digital fun this week but not on the week card. Never on the week card. (I only just realised that really) This week really is a mixed bag of PL activity. There’s […]

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Put up your sticks, It’s WEEK FORTY SIX I rather liked last weeks reds so they’re here for another round. I also love these little wood veneer letters. I mean how totally cute are they? Truly a week contrasting really big and really little things. […]

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High Five it’s WEEK FORTY FIVE Back to the Thickers and a bit of Ormolu and it’s done! mmmm shiny.. Here is the full layout. Red was on sale this week so you’ll see a lot of it… no seriously, I seem to pick a […]

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Get on the floor it’s WEEK FORTY FOUR! (ok, ok the rhymes are lame… but it’s like my little happy dance when the week is done and I’m ready to share it on here) Another use of the Becky Higgins textured cards and a bit […]

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WEEK FORTY THREE Wheeee for Week 43! Seriously week 43 already? Where has this year gone? My observations at this point are a) I have not yet missed a photo each day.  I do not know how but, most days I have a few to choose […]

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WEEK FORTY TWO This week my Seen and Noted by Pebbles Inc paper & goodies arrived from Polkadot Creative (Thanks Jodie) and I am in loooove. I love the colours and all the little elements and they are now also available digitally here. Consequently, you’ll notice […]

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