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Quick Project ‘Back to School’

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Life is busy here and things don’t always go to plan. I was quite sure I had it all covered and ready. The uniforms, lunch boxes, books, pens, pencils, glues, note books, text books, book covers, book labels…. […]

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Enter 2013

Hello there! Well here I go into 2013 for another year of Project Life documenting of our family lives. Naturally I start with the cover page. Although I like to keep my first and last page nice and simple I ¬†think that these pages lend […]

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Tea for Two

I have this little glass tea set and can tell you that I totally love it. We drink a lot of coffee in this house but now and then, Lincoln & I will have an evening white tea. For those times when the house is […]

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2012 The End

Just a quick little post to round up my 2012 Project Life Journey. 1. PHOTO A DAY – I am still amazed at being able to take a photo a day. It’s a habit now and for me has been the cornerstone to being able […]

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Week 52

Zippidy Doooo it’s week Fifty Twoooo! Well I made it. I got to the end of the year. Yes I’m a few weeks behind in 2013 but that’s ok as I know I can easily catch up. Week 52 was a big one, Christmas, New […]

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How I print on 3×4 Project Life Cards.

So the question of how¬†I print onto the Becky Higgins 3×4 project life cards (Like this one¬†on the grid card in week 51)¬†¬†has come up a few times. You may also¬†know I am not a big fan of my own handwriting¬†so, ths¬†is something¬†I really¬†need to […]

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Week 51

It’s finally done, here’s week 51! Am I really getting there? Am I really almost at the end of the year? I’m so excited but, the last two weeks of the year just seem to be mammoth. I have a fair bit going on in […]

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Week 50

Isn’t it nifty ?… Finally it’s week fifty! A belated Happy New Year to you friends. It’s been a long time between drinks ¬†Project Life Blogs. Since my last PL blog we have covered some 5600km in the car, celebrated Christmas, seen million year old […]

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It’s not about the nail polish

About a month ago in my usual post school pick up dash; I raced into the nearby shopping mall to pick up yet another last minute ‚ÄúMust have it for school tomorrow Mummy‚ÄĚ item. April, Calvin & Mackenzie all in tow. Target was the destination. […]

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