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Week 21

Week twenty one was another big week in our family’s “Mad May” with me finally realising that no amount of kicking and screaming will stop time and slow down the rate at which I hit 40. Time to get it over and done with already! […]

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Week 20

Here we are at week twenty already. Continuing with my Becky Higgins Seafom Kit this week is brought to you by the colour Red (I think it’s like a really dark orange) and the number 4o. Ouch! – More on that later. This here is […]

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Week 19

Trying not to be mean so here’s week nineteen. Week nineteen is another busy one in the month of May and covered my son’s birthday and mothers day. I had a play with the Amy Tangerine embroidery kits while doing this week and I must say I am hooked. It adds a bit […]

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Week 18

It’s neat and clean, it’s week eighteen! This is the beginning of May. Traditionally a big month here because it covers 2 birthdays (mine, a major one this year, and my sons), Mothers Day and we squeezed in a quick hospital procedure in there too! […]

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Week 17

There’s no in between, here’s week seventeen! That’s right week seventeen already. I did say I have some catchup to do. Week seventeen brought to you by the letter “A” for Amy or Ali and the colour Orange. Ahh good ol’ reliable & happy orange. […]

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Week 16

Can you hear me scream? No, that’s week sixteen. Week sixteen? Yes.  But We’re in week 22 now aren’t we? Yes. More on that later. This one will be brief. Why? because most of you have no doubt already seen this layout when Becky Higgins […]

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“Hello Lovely Things” – June

This little post is about sharing some of my “pretty things”. Things I am currently using that are crafty and general things that I surround myself with simply because they give me joy. (the real things of joy in my life you see in my […]

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