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December Daily 2017 – Day 12

Hi Guys, Well here we are at day 12. Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. We certainly are and we are really looking forward to the big day itself. My day 12 is pictured below. The slightly different thing about this layout is […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 10

December 10th was about Samta photos. We skipped the queues this year and booked ahead. Totally worth it I’ll be honest the actual “paid for” photo with Santa was not great in quality and a little dark. It all felt very rushed but I was […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 9

Hi Guys! You know how last nights layout had lots going on? Well I got some really, really lovely comments across social about it which I truly appreciate. Often I don’t know if an idea that has developed in my head will translate but it […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 8

HI Guys, Running a little later than usual but it’s all good. Getting pages done which makes me happy. Tonight I went through the depths of my storage box and dug out my Fuse tool. I have had it since they came out but never […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 7

7 days in ! So far so good and I’m not struggling too much trying to keep up. Day 7 story is about mummy and her big girl making Christmas wreaths together. I noticed I wasn’t really in any of the photos much yet so […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 3

Hi Guys, This is the 5th year that I am doing December Daily and I do feel a little like some of the stories are repeating. Having said that there is something wonderful about repeating those stories again because the traditions don’t change but perspectives […]

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December Daily 2017 – Day 2

Well hello and welcome to my day two of December daily. Every few days when I get the opportunity (and if my daughter lets me) I will share her December Daily journey also. I purchased the Kid’s kit for her and it is just perfect […]

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