This is my very first blog attempt ….. cliche right? But really what else do you put in your opening line on a blog?

Hello world?

Welcome reader?

Hello Friend? ….. Yeah I like that. Let’s go with that.

Hello Friend and Thanks For Dropping In.

You may find an inkling of  something interesting here or you may not. Either way you are here and have read this far so why not stick with me for a few more lines and we’ll see where this goes.

On the top of each page you will find a few menus which briefly cover this:

HOME - This is as always your starting point when you pop in. Has all the latest updates listed for you to cruise by and see if you want to stay a bit longer.

WELCOME - You are Here

ABOUT ME – Obvious right?

PROJECT LIFE - Easily the most interesting part (but I’m biassed of course). Here you will find regular entries and photos of my latest Project Life pages. They document the big (and not so big) things about Family Corcoran, our family. I update weekly and try to capture  & document all sorts of things. The good, bad, happy, sad, big, small, mundane, curious, funny and sometimes a little odd.
I also post ideas for project life photos. Sometimes we are so busy concentrating on capturing it all, or all the big stuff that some of the smaller or less exciting details get left out. These will pop up now and then with a few words. Warning: I’m not always good at just a few words.

YUMMY STUFF – I could not have a blog without including a little baking. I Love it! Here I will occasionally share recipes I have tried/made/adapted and let you know how they went. Might even see if I can round up the troops for a quick review from their perspective.

NICE STUFF - Sometimes I am asked about ‘stuff” people see in my photos so here I will try to give a little more detail on my ‘stuff’ and generally things I like.

Last but not least CONTACT ME -  How did I do that? Where did I get that? or just a hello.  I am happy to answer questions here. Please understand that I am opening our lives for you to view so all I ask is that you respect that and keep questions relevant.

If you have made it all the way though and are reading this line WELL DONE and I’m glad I haven’t put you to sleep.

Thanks For Dropping In.


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