Embrace Less. Enjoy More. (My new look blog)

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Hello and welcome to my new look blog. I’m so very glad you are here. The new look and feel I am going for overall is as per the title on this post Embrace Less. Enjoy More.

As anyone who is a regular visitor here would know this blog have been extremely quiet lately. Let’s face it, the tumble weeds have been blowing through here and while I remain active on my Instagram and Facebook the place where you come to see the detail in my layouts, this here blog, has been left for dead.

It is perhaps because Spring has sprung in this corner of the world that I am taking the cobwebs off my  mind and spirit and throwing away excuses that have dragged me down for the last few months. I am embracing less and enjoying more in a number of areas of my life so it only feels right to do that here too. I am throwing away the feeling of Project Life being a chore (yes it happens to us all), I am throwing away kilos off my own body (that feels awesome), I am throwing away excuses for not doing things (there have been many of late) and with all that I am also throwing away the look of the old blog. Yes I have taken spring cleaning to a whole new level and wow it feels truly amazing! I really do love change in forms.

So what’s new in the blog? Essentially other than weekly content updates the focus still remains my love of Project Life but, the look is far more clean and uncluttered. Instead of a big list of posts there are photo blocks to represent these. Scrolling over each reveals the topic of that week’s post (most commonly the week). Click on it and you are though to the blog post with detailed, bright and vibrant pictures of my layouts that you have come to know (and maybe even like).

There are no advertising buttons. The reason for this is because essentially I’m not selling anything to you, just sharing my love of Project Life and perhaps inspiring you to document using this wonderful system too. Further to this, products that I use in my projects and layouts I generally note in the blog post, occasionally link to and tag the post with brands too. Just like this here gorgeous wood mount stamp in the photo above by Kellie Stamps. It’s just one stamp but means so much more and I love it.

Social links are still there but now at the bottom. Comments still work as before.

One thing to note is that I have brought across all my old posts and videos warts and all. As with my project life I do not plan to go back and redo these in this new style. I do not redo things. Really I don’t. Eventually, as I add more posts, they will be pushed out of sight.

So, if you are still reading this far down I thank you. I thank you for hearing me out, for being patient and visiting me and my little blog. I hope you embrace my new blog as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and please let me know via email if there are any critical errors or omissions you spot in your travels around here.

Petra x







  1. Absolutely LOVE the new look Petra. Clean, simple, fresh. A beautiful sense of new beginnings. Can’t wait to visit more often. xxxx

    • Aaaaw thank you so much Anna. Wasn’t sure how it would be received so this is so nice to hear … X

  2. Love the new look Petra! And love the new attitude! Can’t wait to see more frequent posts from you. Go you – you are amazing!

  3. petracorcoran

    Aaaw thanks Ali. You always say the sweetest tings. I’ll try not to disappoint. x

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