A Week In The Life 2014 – Completed Album

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Well this has been my first ever attempt at Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life Album and it is finally finished. I have used the kit and few extra bits which I mention in the video. I decided to do a video as I am running short on time with December Daily starting in 2 days it was quicker than taking lots of photos and typing up a long blog post explaining the album. It was excellent project which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So if you have a little spare time then I’d love for you to have a look at what I have done and how my album was completed.

I’l also love to hear form you so please leave any question or comments below.


Petra x


  1. Love the fluidity of the album with the use of embellishments & digital elements, you speak of how you took different approaches throughout with more photos one day, more stories the other but it really flows. I took on this project for first time this year (not using a kit) and learnt a lot. May look into a kit for next year as you make it look so good 🙂

    • Hi Stacey-Lee, thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. Yes it all sort of came together in the end. 🙂

  2. Hi Petra,
    Firstly, love that you made a video…really enjoyed it.
    Your WITL album is fantastic. I didn’t do Week in the Life, in fact I haven’t done anything for ages. Mostly because when I updated my computer all of my printers stopped working so I haven’t had any photos and the whole thing just knocked me out of whack with my crafting. Anyway, you have motivated me to do it next year. It looks great and since seeing your video I am here, now, uploading all my photos to snappish to have them printed so I can catch up. Thanks for the inspiration. As always, love your work.
    Love, Lea xxxx

    • Aaaw Leanne I love that you are now motivated to get back into it! Well done. X

  3. Great walk through of your WITL album I really enjoyed it and picked up some clever ideas

  4. Wonderful video Petra! I loved the typewriter font on the transparency. And I totally disagreed with you when you said that you had too much journaling. You can NEVER have too much journaling. Love your album and congratulations on getting it done. xxxxx

  5. Thanks for the video Petra…loved it and got some ideas from watching. Always enjoy your work. I have a white stazon ink pad and refill bottle but can’t get the nice clear print that you have achieved. Mine is a few years old…perhaps the white ink has been improved over time.

    • Thank you Sue. I fing it’s a real “kiss” techniqie to get the white to work nicely.

    • Oh wow Cheryll. What a wonderful thing to say although has me a little embarrassed.

  6. Love the video but a video makes it very hard to print the days out to use as inspiration when prepping my album…

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