A Week In The Life Project – Friday 31st October

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Friday already? Wow this week has really flown and I realise right now there are only 2 days of this documenting project left. In case you are still unsure what a Week In The Life is all about, I urge you to check out Ali Edward’s page about it HERE.

So about Friday. Morning started well then I was in meetings for what seemed like hours, work, meetings, work not much  happening and subsequently not many photos then, when we got home, the camera kicked in again. None the less still a respectable 143 photos on the day some of which were duds and will disappear right away. I thought I’d tell you a quick “Why” I took each photo I am sharing in this post. 5.10am

5.10 am – Because right now my FitBit runs my life. It tracks what I eat, how much I exercise and how much sleep I get. 4hours 34 minutes lat night. 5.30am5.15 am – Because I love waking up next to him and I have a picture of everyone else waking up this week.5.40am6.10am – Because right now I could eat this for every meal of the day. 7am6.50am – Because these belong to dad and he only just learned this morning that dad had some.7.10am7.10am – Because it is casual day at work on Friday, I love colour & I am always the last but quickest to get ready.7.20am7.20 am – Because I desperately want a beautiful “in car” photo like Ali Edwards and jut can’t get it right. 5 days in a row failed.7.30am7.30 am – Because he wanted to stop to play a game and I could not rest the city views.1pm1pm – Because it was nothing but work and meetings all morning and at lunch time I thought I’d try on some dresses. SMS’d all to Lincoln to see what he thinks. He agreed on the same ones as me and that made my day.1.10pm

1.20pm – Because I had to eat lunch but rather than food these colours and lines caught my eye.

4.45pm4.45pm – Because I can’t believe how hard he runs when he plays soccer.

5.45pm5.40pm – Because the sun goes down early and I love the silhouette of her legs as she climbs the fence to watch for Trick or Treaters down the street.
6pm 5.50pm – Because this looks like a tall person until you notice the pink feet. She’s looking for treats.6.45pm6.10pm – Because on Friday nights we almost always do takeout.6.50pm6.30pm – Because we don’t celebrate halloween but she wanted to dress up anyway and her sister made her a broom.

7.20pm7.30pm – Because at the last minute he asked if his friend from across the road could sleep over. And we said Yes.

8.30pm8pm – Because at about 8pm each night Ali Edwards posts her blog update for Week In the Life. And I can’t wait to see.

That’s it for Friday.

Until tomorrow.

Petra x



  1. documentingchaos

    Great stories. Totally hearing you about the car shots. Impossible! x

    • Thanks. I asked Ali about it and she uses her DSLR on the dash. But my lens I am using would capture very little. May have to try a different camera, I am determined to get it! I’ll keep my eye out for yours too!

  2. Fun stuff!

    I am curious, why you don’t celebrate Halloween?

    I don’t now that the kids are grown, but am curious how easy it is to skip it when you have little ones.


    • Hi Steph, I’m not sure where you are located but I am in Australia. Halloween is just not a big thing here. Sure there are plenty of people that have joined in over the years but it’s not sonething We know the background of nor have any explanation for my kids as to why celebrate it other than “because its what ithers do” . So we just don’t. I let the kids dress up at home if they desire and we give candy if anyone comes to the door but no one really does despite a street full of kids. 🙂 its just not a done thing here by everyone.

      • I thought that might the case, but you never know. 😉

        I lived in Germany for several years when I was a kid and it wasn’t big there either, but the American kids like me dressed up and went trick or treating on the Army base. The German kids do dress up for Fasching though!

        Even now it’s not often we get many trick-or-treaters – so many parents are paranoid and won’t let their kids go trick-or-treating, so there are lots of neighborhood events where neighbors get together to pass out candy in a “controlled” manner, and events at shopping centers where the kids can get candy from the stores.

        I hope your daughter had fun in her witch costume – love her broom!


  3. I tried the car shot with my 24mm wide angle lens however the 3 of us hardly fit in the shot. I tried it with the iPhone using a timer and that had a wider perspective. Ali’s dashboard must be low and far away compared to my prado. Try your iPhone. The out od focus photo on my blog on Day 4 was my DSLR. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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