A Week In The Life Project – Sunday 2nd November

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I did it! 7 days of Ali Edwards’ A Week In The Life and this is my final day of photos documenting our lives as they are right now.

So what worked?

  •  Carrying around the big DSLR. Yep that’s a big tick as I got some pictures I was really happy with. The kinds of pictures that I have really missed actually. So glad I did this.
  • Sticking to it day by day and blogging. Yep that worked because I did all seven days. Blogging the pictures definitely  helped me gather my thoughts, make notes and weed out some photos
  • Getting the whole family on board. Yep that worked too. I think because they all knew it was finite (one week, 7 days) no one really complained about the constant photos and questions.

What didn’t work?

  • My notes and envelopes. Lasted about 3 days then gradually dropped off until today where my notes are just scrap notes on paper. Not organised by time or even all in one place.
  • That REALLY nice car shot. Nope I tried but in the end I didn’t nail that one.
  • My planned list of photos and stories to capture. Hmm Maybe 7/10 on that one

Learnings for next year.

  • I have already made some mental (better put them somewhere more solid) notes for what I have learned and what I would like to capture next time.
  • DSLR is a must, In fact I need to keep it on me more often in general. Re-ignited my love for good photos.
  • Keep lists of what I want to achieve short and simple. Don’t try to do everything in every detail.
  • As per advice given by Ali herself to treat the process as a type of research gathering lots of information and photos then, use the album as the project that is a result of the research. Not every photo and story has to be in there.

I am sure there are more things but this will do for now. So Sunday photos just to round things off. 130 photos in total and my favourites and captions below:

morningGood Morning! (Finally managed a picture of me waking up too. Why all the waking up pictures? It’s probably my favourite time of day. The morning wake up. Full of new hope and new energy. untitled (1 of 1)-19Sunday mornings are for relaxing and catching a few ‘toons for this one while waiting or others to wake.eggsSundays are for eggs for breakfast. My kids all love them and this Sunday it was scrambled. carSundays are for heading to the markets.  hatSundays are for icy treats and sun hats.untitled (1 of 1)-23Sundays are for German sausages in a bun. YUM.IMG_8324Sundays are for unfussy hair, no make up and an icy home made lemonade.IMG_8325Sundays are for cool stuff like talking to a parrot with a 50+ word vocab.untitled (1 of 1)-31Sundays are for hobbies. IMG_8303Sundays are for chores and crazy kids. untitled (1 of 1)-25Sundays are for anticipation …untitled (1 of 1)-32Sundays are for talking to Grandma interstate. IMG_8321Sundays are for chilling out at the end of a big week. Research for one, online shopping for the other.untitled (1 of 1)-33Sundays are for turning out all the lights bar the one lamp in the corner of the room while you relax and chat about the week.

And that’s it. No more Week In the life stories except for the upcoming coming together of the album.

Thanks for coming to visit, for commenting and for joining me on this fabulous Week in The Life journey!

Petra x


  1. Petra I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your journey through Week in the Life …you are always an inspiration ….I’ve done Day in our Life every year but have never tackle the Week ….maybe one day …thanks heaps for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much Leanne! This is my first ever Week In The Life. Really enjoyed it a LOT!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog your Week in the Life. I know you have early starts and long days so I just wanted to say thanks, I really enjoyed it. Some excellent photos there too. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Aaaw thank you Sandy. So sweet of you to say. Makes it all worth it when i get such thaughtful comments. X

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