(Heads up: Some of this is a little mushy but every bit sincere)

Since you are spending some time looking around here I think it’s only fair you know a little about the person this is all coming from. But you see it’s not just about me it’s about us. It’s about my family.

US = ME (Petra) + Lincoln (My best friend & love of my life) + April (the eldest ) + Calvin (and only boy) + Mackenzie (the youngest)

I was born in Czechoslovakia and through a series of very courageous, scary and life changing decisions and events my parents fled the then communist country when I was 10 years old. I still think about those days and say a little thanks to my mum and dad. Despite it being scary at the time, without their courage to want to change our lives I would never have the opportunities nor the life I have today.

I am a mum, a wife and work full time. Yep life is often pretty hectic driven by routines, lists and goals and that’s just the way I like it!

I am married to Lincoln. An amazing man who I love & admire, who inspires me and always stands by my side. Together we have 3 wonderful kids who are growing up way too fast and who a lot of this documenting is for. They make my life complete.

We live in Queensland, Australia.

Together we are navigating this life as a family unit. Each day brings its joys and challenges in varying degrees and my aim with Project Life is to capture it as accurately as possible. Yes, some days are mundane and routine but I strongly believe that there are many details we just fly by each days that are too easily forgotten. I won’t capture them all but I’ll sure give it a try. I document using BECKY HIGGINS PROJECT LIFE

Why  Project Life?  It’s simple. It’s flexible. It’s whatever you make it.

How I do MY PROJECT LIFE ? I do weekly layouts in what I call a hybrid fashion. Some is physical core kit, cards, embellishments and some is digital and then printed. I don’t have a specific style and I don’t have too many rules about how I do it. It’s about how I feel that week and most importantly the photos that capture it all. One rule I do stick to is A Photo A Day. I am yet to run out of ideas!

I love this busy life.

So, I think that’s enough waffling for now. You will see plenty more detail in my weekly layouts.

Thanks For Dropping In