Birthday Cupcakes

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It has become tradition that on the kids’ birthdays I make cupcakes for them to share at school/kindy with their friends. We have 3 birthdays a year to cater for and usually 2 to 3 dozen are required.

Now I am no cupcake queen, no not at all but, it was important that I find the right fail proof recipe for this as it is often done late the night before. A few years ago I found it and have not looked back since.

It is a recipe by Martha Stewart (but of course I hear you say) and it has not failed me yet. I am always asked for the recipe by parents and teachers alike.

So without any further fanfare you can find the recipe right HERE.

The photo here is of my most recent batch of these earlier in the year for April’s 8th Birthday. 3 Dozen left the house and not one came back.

You can decorate to you desired theme of course.

Let me know how yours turn out.

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  1. love having a back up cupcake recipe. Lately I have been doing funfetti cupcakes for any ‘kid’ occasion but will have to give these a go 🙂 yum yum

    • Thank you very much Tammy. And you are the first international visitor (excluding NZ) to comment on my blog. Yay!
      Thanks for dropping in

  2. oohhhhhh i wish i had seen this yesterday. sam wanted cupcakes to take to school today (on last day of school) as her birthday is next week and she wont get to do it. with everything else going on i just couldnt manage it and i feel terrible

    • Don’t feel terrible. Sometimes our “to do” lists are far to ambitious.
      I am sure Sam will have a fantastic day anyway.


  3. Definitely a fail proof recipe, the batch I baked disappeared like hot cakes literally, I didn’t get to ice one! Thank you for sharing this oh so yum recipe.

    • That’s fantastic Michelle.
      Yup I usually make at least 3 batches.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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