December Daily 2014 – Day 23 – 25 The End.

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Well as promised I am back again to round up me December Daily album. You will notice that the last few days are fairly photo heavy and light on the stories. I am happy that in this late stage of the album the pictures do a lot of the talking and are fairly self explanatory. I also had a major fail with something I tried but, because I did not have “spare parts” to redo it I kinda left it. (You’ll see what I mean later)

IMG_1487Day 23. This picture looks really nice in the album I love all the green and the way it turned out but this iPhone photo really does not do much for it. Moving on 🙂IMG_1488Back of Day 22 and Day 23 in album. No transparency divider between these days.IMG_1489

Say 23 part 2. Done fairly quickly using another of Ali’s templates which you can find here.IMG_1490Day 24. I realised here I was getting close to the end. Looked around my work desk and immediately thought “shaker pocket” .IMG_1493The Happy Christmas flag is made using one of the chipboard stickers from Ali Edwards’ December Daily Kit. I just stuck white card on the back of it and used the December Daily kit stamp set to put the words “Happy Christmas”. This way there is something on both sides for the shaker. Then I just collected bits laying around. Put a few puffy stickers on the red tree, sealed with washi and it was done.IMG_1494Here you can see the front side of the chipboard flag. I also wanted a picture of my mums “insta tree” (one of those optic fibre ones) so waited till it was dark to get it at it’s best. IMG_1495Day 25! Yippee! Really didn’t think this needed much else. This was the divider to my final day. I love this page from the kit.IMG_1496Cheers! Love these pictures around the table. I also thought the spots looked a little like Champagne bubbles floating up the page. You see that right? IMG_1497This is where things went wonky.  wanted to make the back of these large letters white and instead of heat embossing (like I have done before) I decided to pain them with acrylic paint. Big mistake. Not only did the paint go everywhere, it went on the side edges of the letters, then on the front … disaster for sure. I cleaned them up as best as I could and then just stapled them on in anyway. Moving on.IMG_1500More mess. IMG_1502IMG_1503A little transparent section using up the last of my chipboard stickers.IMG_1504And this is them on the back.IMG_1505Photos and more photos.IMG_1507I think this paper background may even be from last year’s December Daily kit. (Yep I consolidate my leftover goodies from previous years and put them aside ready for next year). I also finally used this Bokeh transparency heart.IMG_1508Ta Dah! Final page! “Clink Clink” to having my December Daily done! IMG_1510Oh I also always put “copies” of our Santa letters in a pocket on the back cover. Here I used a plastic Amy Tangerine stick on pocket I had in my stash and stuck the Piece and joy on it which was also a leftover cut I had laying about.IMG_1514It all fit but I’d hate to have to put in any more! IMG_1513

And that’s all for 2014 December Daily. Thanks for being patient with me and for coming along on the journey. I am so glad I do this project and truly look forward to doing it again next year !

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    • Haha Cele. Not made of Frogs. It’s a European pitato salad that my mum always decorates on top with “frogs” made out of Booled eggs etc. she has always done it and her Grandma before had too. No idea where the tradition stems ftom actually. It’s just always been there. Maybe for next year’s DD I will ask my mum! Thanks for the question. And equally I don’t know why ftogs in particilar. Isn’t it funny how I have never questioned it because “it’s always just been so” ? haha

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