December Daily 2015 – Day 12

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Hi there,

Well my 2 day migraine has finally subsided so I finally feel I can get another blog post up. Hope to catch up as the day goes on. I have already posted this on the Ali Edwards December Daily Facebook page and on instagram so I won’t go into too much detail except for perhaps the tree photo I received a lot of questions about.IMG_8438

Here is the start. For starters this page on the left is just a photo with holes punched into it. Once again no sleeve. The number 12, I really wanted on there using last years December Daily kit gold alphas. Of course I used these plenty last year so don’t have too many letters / numbers left. So to make this “12” I used a T for the 1 and the 2 is made up of a cut down Z & Q. Over the seam where they join I put a little chipboard “twelve” from this years kits.IMG_8438-2

I had  a lot of questions about how I achieved the look of this tree and I am really sorry to disappoint but it was a complete accident. I think I pressed the shutter button as I was putting my camera away and this is what happened. Just for a reality check below is the actual photo I had on my camera. IMG_0123-2

A total mess right? Here comes the beauty of digital. I decided I really liked the tree shape on the left hand side and so I went ahead and used the clone tool in photoshop elements to take out all the other mess on the right side and make it a big black space. It’s not anything difficult or tricky to be honest. IMG_8433

It was super busy in the city and especially around the big christmas tree so out christmas tree photos were not awesome but I included them anyway. Again I used a leftover rubber tag from last years kit for the “Merry and bright” and on the back I put one of this year’s white ones. It makes a really cute tab I think.IMG_8434

Here is the other side of the little 3×8 insert and my final page for day 12.IMG_8435

When my headache finally went away I also decided to handwrite a little journalling on this page.

And that’s it for day 12.

Hope to have day 13 up soon

Thanks for coming along to see.

Petra x


  1. This is gorgeous. I love your happy tree accident, and your use of cut down bits of numbers and letters is very clever. I hope your migraine stays away.

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