December Daily 2015 – Day 16

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Hi there and welcome to my day 16.

Sometimes my stories are intentional but other times, like on this day, I really have no idea what my story for the day will be until I sit down to do my December Daily. You will see what I mean below.IMG_8483It’s a 2 page layout. I’m not totally sold on keeping the 16 tag in there at this  point but will run wit it for now.IMG_8489This is the left side. The photo  was taken via my iPhone by placing it on top go my kitchen counter. The white space on an angle is in fact the kitchen bench. I used the remote camera shutter on my Apple watch to take this so we could be all included. This was important as it was a round table conversation about gratitude and thankfulness that we all took part in. I think you can never have enough of these conversations as a family.IMG_8488This was a simple filler. The transparent “Peace on Earth” transparency was for one from the Jasmine Jones  add-on kit. I just lightly attached it to a 6x4card as I want it to look a little floaty and not as though it was printed on.IMG_8492This is the right side and probably my favourite photo of the day. After many years of making do with old and frayed suitcases that had handles bent I decided it was a good time to finally buy a new one. With a lot of Christmas sales on this one was a bargain and I instantly fell in love with it. The best part is the inside ….IMG_8504Ha! Yes the inside of the suitcase in this layout because I made it interactive and it opens up.IMG_8496After our big talk on Gratitude, I gave my kids a small card each and asked them to write down something(s) they are grateful for right now.  I told them we would fill the suitcase with gratefulness. So we did. I’m really happy at how it turned out and it was quite simple. I just printed two identical photos of the suitcase, cute one out very carefully and adhered the edge of one to the other.  Super easy right? IMG_8500When it’s closed you can hardly tell its there and that’s what I really like. It’s subtle but definitely there.

If I hadn’t have bought the suitcase and dinner conversation do not take the direction it did I don’t know what day 16 would have been about!

Till tomorrow

Petra x


    • Yes I’m a little fond of it too. It is also a constant reminder that holidays are near

  1. Perception is reality and sometimes a different viewpoint changes everything. Love white suitcases and wonderful to see it full already!

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