December Daily 2015 – Day 7

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Hi And thanks for coming to see my day 7.

Another little day and other little story about us and about time. It was a work day so the story took place when we all regrouped at home in the evening.


Back of day 6 large stamped vellum page and start of day 7.


I used the tag from the Ali Edwards main kit at the start.


I also used the little silk screen in the Ali Edwards kit to print these little stars on the edge of the number 7 tag.
IMG_8230Then I used a 3×8 pocket to create this little strip. The paper is from one of the add on kits and the rest form the main kit. I figure you can never have too much twinkle! 🙂

Here is what it looks like before the 3×8 is flipped.IMG_8215

And here is what it looks like once the 3×8 is flipped.

I stuck a little silver star on a metal rimmed tagged added it as a little something on the bottom of the story. Ali did this on her day 5 and I really love the idea.IMG_8223

Here is the main page and photo of my kids stopping to see lights decorating peoples houses.


I really liked this picture I caught of us walking. In particular of these two holding hands. The problem is that we were walking quite quickly at this point and it was dusk so light was really bad which means the photo is actually quite blurry. I decided to print it using my Instax share printer because it is a little less forgiving on the quality of the picture and the smaller the picture the less noticeable the blur is. I also think it ads a little something different to the page.

That’s it for day 7.

Until next time

Petra x



  1. I love seeing your progress and your album! I wish I had bought the kit and some add ons, but I couldn’t afford it this year. Hopefully I can next year!

    Love, Jenn

  2. I love the blurry photo – I think showing the relationship is the most important thing in that shot. Beautiful layout! I am loving all the stars.

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