December Daily 2015 – Day 9

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Here we go with day 9. I know I keep saying that my layouts are quick and easy but, seriously, day 9 was minimal effort.


I used one o f the transparencies from the Ali Edwards main kit to ‘introduce’ day 9. Mainly because the story on the day was very brief and it’s a bit of a filler.


Under the transparency I stuck a bit of red and white card, also from the kit, which I cut down to 6×4. it’s really just to visually break up the 2 6×4 photos behind it. On top I stuck the big red 9 and the tiny chipboard word ‘nine’. These little chipboard number words were from the One Little Bird kit.


On the back of the striped card is this green card. I’m trying to work with the green but to be honest I’m not totally in love with it. Can’t explain why. Is that weird?  Nevertheless there it is.


The little acrylic gift was a piece I had floating around. No idea where its from, I’m guessing Freckled Fawn? I thought it broke up the green a bit and it was in line with the fact that my day 9 was about our Secret Santa presents. A tradition that started last year as a result of a suggestion from my daughter.


This is the full right hand side. A very brief story. More of a description really and a couple of 6×4 pictures of our secret Santa gifts.IMG_8338

I also stuck a couple of green stickers on these photos just to keep the green theme. Both form this year’s kits.

That’s it for today. As I mentioned minimal effort and it’s done.

Thanks for coming to visit. Ready for day 10 now!

Petra x

** EDIT: I just realised that my transparency is upside down! HAHAHAHAH! That’s what you get when you do December Daily at night with tired eyes. LOL. Embracing imperfection and leaving it as is.

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  1. I love this tradition you having going on! I think you have tied the green in beautifully and the spread appears connected, go you!

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