December Daily 2016 – Day 11

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Welcome to my Day 11 if this year’s December Daily project.

So day 10 was quite big with a few pages in contrast day 11 is very much the opposite and is squeezed sown into tow 6×4 pockets and one photo.The top half is this picture of our cat Chocolate who very much enjoyed that we had opened our Secret Santa gifts and he was able to play around in one of the empty boxes. The December 11 overlay is one form this years Ali Edwards digital overlay collection.The second 6×4 pocket is the story of the day. Again digital with just one small sparkly spot.This is how it sits in the album.

An THAT is is for day 11!

(I am posting this on our Day 12 here in Australia and right now 8.15pm at night I really have no clue what the story of our day 12 is. I was at work all day and barely moved form my office chair, the kids were home with dad and I am feeling totally spent ready for bed. No inspiration, no ideas so day 12 should be interesting. Wish me luck)

Till tomorrow




  1. Focus on something small like favourite ornaments and where you got them and use some of the 2×2 pockets like Ali did yesterday.

  2. Write about that real life continues in all the Christmas stuff. If your office is decorated take a picture of that and there ya go. Love the album

    • Thanks Amanda and yes the office is probably a good one as I am spending a lot of time there.

  3. Oh yes, and forgot to say thank you for sharing this journey and documentation with us. It is sometimes intensive and a labour of love. Really enjoy listening to you on the podcasts with Jess. Let me know if there are any others that you feature on too.

    • Hi and thanks for dropping by.
      It is sometimes a labour of love but having done it for a few years now it is totally worth it. There are old podcast for the paper clipping roundtable that I feature on when talking about Project life and Pocket scrapbooking but other than Jess that’s bout it.
      I also have a few videos on my blog here 🙂 But that may be all a bit too much “me”

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