December Daily 2016 – Day 4

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Hi And thanks for stopping by to see my Day 4 of December Daily.

But first, I told a little lie, well at the time it wasn’t a lie it’s about my Day 3. After watching Ali’s interpretation of her Day 2 in December Daily I decided to totally copy her idea of using the 2×2 pockets and adding in ‘bits’ form the day we had on Sunday. So here is how it looks now. img_0246

img_0245From top left moving to the right I added.  A cut down tag from the Ali Edwards December Daily kit, A tag from the same kit that I stamped Peace & Joy onto, a piece of cut down packaging form a  set of lights I both on the day, A piece of packaging from some Max Brenner chocolates we bought on the day, A photo of our names in a bowl for our home “secret Santa”, A wooden 3 I had in my stash, A photo of April inspecting a bauble in the Christmas shop on Sunday, a plastic star also amor Ali’s kit, A photo of eye at the front door with Milkshake trying to push the door open to also come out, More packaging, A photo of our house being built because we visited it that day and finally the ribbon off the Max Brenner chocolate wrapping.

Now moving onto Day 4

As we weave our way though this life, there are some hurdles we need to work through and sometimes they are not all jolly and bright. Of course this is not tragic but it is a look at how our family is evolving and how my kids personalities are developing and at how bringing the magic is becoming more challenging as the kids get older.img_0234Here is the back of the 2×2 pocket page again filled with bits form the day. img_0236

I used a 6×4 photo of some organic chocolates I made on Sunday as a break away from the pocket pages. Tried to make it also look a little like a box of chocolates and on the back I stuck a journalling card for the story of Day 4.img_0237This si the back of the chocolates photo.img_0238And here are my kiddos writing to Santa. Geez I love these guys like crazy and I love that dad still gets involved in this process. Also really like that the photos also tell the story of Calvin’s struggle to write the letter in the background even though I was focussing on the others at that point.

And that’s it for Day 4.

Till tomorrow.







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