December Daily 2017 – day 13

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Hi and welcome to day 13.

Today I have photos and it’s all about spending time with friends. I’m a day behind at the moment so wanted to get this one done quickly. I leant in Ali (yet again) and used one of her 6×8 layered templates (available in Ali’s shop) .

I then cut it up the 6×8 page (actually I printed it as 2 6×4’s) and flipped one of the page protectors upside down so I could make it all work. I know it’s upside down and some may worry about the photos falling out but they are in there pretty snug so I’m not worried.

So here is how it turned out.

That’s Day 13 done!

Till next time

Petra x


  1. I have always been tempted to use the page protector upside down! Figured I could always fuse it, washi tape or staple it closed. Love seeing you brave enough to do it!

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