December Daily 2017 – Day 15

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Hi and welcome to day 15. I’m almost up to date and did days 15-17 last night. I will start by saying day 15 was a struggle. Not a struggle for content, but a struggle of how to make it all hang together. I started with the pocket page made of 2×2 squares and it all went downhill from there. I added, I took away, I tried this and that and in the end I just wanted to get it done. Not my finest hour but here it is anyway. This is page 1 of day 15. I used the Ali Edwards December Daily transparency with faint words across it. See below. I stuck a couple of embellishments right on top of that transparency. I have the chipboard circle on the back of the transparency when you flip the page. This is what you see when you turn the transparency and kind of where it started to go wonky. I ended up with what I now constantly see as a giant lozenge 😂 …. moving along let’s flip again. This is the final part of day 15 disaster.

So I decided I’m not going to dwell, or re-do and maybe just avoid those 2×2 sleeves in the future. Onwards and upwards!

Petra x


  1. I can’t stand those 2×2 pages. I use one every year in my album because they are there, but that’s it. It’s a struggle to fill them without it looking a mess.

    I think this came out a lot better than you think it did though, everything you do looks good. :).

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