December Daily 2017 – Day 3

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Hi Guys,

This is the 5th year that I am doing December Daily and I do feel a little like some of the stories are repeating. Having said that there is something wonderful about repeating those stories again because the traditions don’t change but perspectives change and people change and grow. Today’s layout is very much like that as it is about writing letters to Santa which we still ALL do without fail.

I used this beautiful gold tag to start off and did no more to this side but add a chipboard 3. Both from the Ali Edwards December Daily kit.

It gets a little more fun when you flip the page. What? just a blank cad with some word stickers on it I hear you say? Well not really. Read on.

I wanted to write the story onto the tag, I didn’t want to hand write it and I don’t have a typewriter. It’s a dilemma because the tag is an odd size/shape and no second chances once you pop it into the printer so I decided to go with printing on a transparency.

Once I printed the transparency I used the tag as a stencil to trace around and cut the transparency to the same shape as the tag. I’m really happy with the way that turned out. (not so happy with the smudged ink where I stamped the top of the circle and subsequently did not wait for it to dry. Real bummer but its another of these thing that you only get one go at. I don’t have another of these cute chipboards that say “good memories” so I am leaving it.

Here is what it looked like before I smudged it and it is attached to the transparency.

Here is what it looks like when you turn both the tag and the transparency. Next up the photos.

Just tow 6×4 pictures one with a chipboard and the other I printed with the Ali Edwards 6×4 Daily Overlay.

Here is the completed layout. Smudge and all 🙂 If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the smudge I am all ears! 🙂


Till tomorrow




  1. Love the transparency idea! Re smudge I use a matching colour pen to tidy up … usually I’m stamping gold and then touch up with my gold pen 😉

    • Thanks Jay! Yep I definitely considered red pen but I don’t trust my hand to be steady enough not to turn it into a disaster 😬

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