December Daily 2017 – Day 4

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Hi And welcome to my Day 4 of December Daily.

Last night this started out as a super simple layout but as the day went on and my head got to work it just grew and grew. In the end it turned into this.

This is how it started and potentially where it was going to end but then …I love the look of cookies printed on transparencies. I think I am mainly drawn to the warmth. So, that hd to be done. I also love that when the transparency is over this page you can just see April’s face peking though. Special to me because she was the one that took charge of making Christmas cookies this year and that is a big art of the story.

Here is another view before the transparency page is turned.Then, I decided to add this little 3×8 page because I had more photos I REALLY wanted to add. So I made a tiny fold out at the bottom of it.The fold out is attached but slipping into the 3×8 page pocket. How? I just cut into it ensuring it remained attached at both sides. Then I slid the photo in like any other pocket.

Here is is once it is completely in. The next few pictures are just different views of the fold out.

And that’s it! Day 4 done. More complex than I first intended but sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

Until tomorrow!




  1. I’m going to enjoy following along with you again this year. Your albums are always beautiful.

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