December Daily 2017 – Day 8

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HI Guys,

Running a little later than usual but it’s all good. Getting pages done which makes me happy.

Tonight I went through the depths of my storage box and dug out my Fuse tool. I have had it since they came out but never had much luck with it so haven’t been inspired to use it. Tonight I wanted to take a 6×8 page and fold it in half to create an openable page of two 3×8’s. I thought I’d give the Fuse tool another go and you know what? it worked really well and I am super happy with how it worked out. So here is how day 8 turned  out.

Day 8 done and onto day 9!

Till tomorrow




  1. I love this, thank you for posting, your sentiments about changes are so true, loved reading your thoughts!

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