December Daily – Day 8

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Hi guys I’m sharing my day 8 today.

This is probably the fastest layout I have done in the album this year so it’s super simple.The reverse side of Day 7’s 3×8 pocket is today’s Dat 8 title page. The red 8 is form last year’s kit, the “December daily is a tag cut off the packaging that the stars in this year’s kit came in. Love it when I get to stretch the packaging into layouts.Here is the story of today. Using Ali’s digital overlay’s on the bottom half and some of her script from her Digital templates on the photo on the top.And this is how it sits in the album. Quick, simple and done.

I’m not doing tonight’s (Day 9) layout tonight as we have a weekend ahead so I will have more time and also we drove around looking at Christmas lights tonight so lots of photos to pick through. Basking Robins Ice cream and Christmas lights! Love an Aussie summer.

Till tomorrow

Petra x

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