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DSC_0207Hello there! Well here I go into 2013 for another year of Project Life documenting of our family lives.

Naturally I start with the cover page. Although I like to keep my first and last page nice and simple I  think that these pages lend themselves to a little photographic ‘staging’ & creativity. I treat them like the cover of a book.

I had a most  wonderful response from you all about my “2012 the end” page photo (you can see it here here) but, what I didn’t tell you was that at the same time as taking that photo we were having some fun doing the 2013 front page photos. So without further ado…


So a little about the cover? …

THE KIT: Yes like so many others I am using am using the Becky Higgins Seafoam Edition core kit this year. I love it’s cool colours and it even has some orange! Yay! So many possibilities. This kit was designed by the talented Elise Blaha Cripe and oh my she did an amazing job. What a  talented lady.

THE LETTERS: The “Corocran” are done using Amy Tangerine Thickers called DAILY & the project life I made using lily bee design Victoria Park Collection ABC Stickers. The letters in the photos I had made by a wooden letter & toy company in Brisbane I found online (let me know if you want to know the details) and I think they are fabulous.. Nice, smooth, white, shiny numbers…. mmmm….

THE PICTURES: As you can see I took photos of each member of my family holding up a number.  The final photos seen here are not quite as I had originally imagined but I am really happy with how they turned out because they look natural. In my head I had the numbers of the “2013” perfectly lined up with my kids and Lincoln as the lesser focus of the shot but I think it turned out the other way round and I am really happy with that. And honestly I know that’s the way it should be. The picture of me….. aaah yes. Well, we had to go back for a second take of those as the first lot just did not make the cut. I find it so hard to be objective with pictures of me. So you may notice the lighting & feel of that one is a little different as it was sunnier …. ugh …. anyway I won’t go on. It’s there now and yes the “&” was also made along with my letters.

I am so lucky that my whole family co-operates with me in these “creative” endeavours and  can I also say that we had a bit of fun with this? You will see some outtakes later in my album (we took these in week 3 of 2013).

So, that’s it for now. I will be back to regular layout posing. I hope you are joining me in the 2013 Project Life journey. I always love to hear your feedback and comments and am most happy to answer any questions. Thank you for coming here and reading my ramblings and happy 2013 to you all.


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    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you. I wouldn’t say everything but like I said the front and last page are just made for having a bit of fun with.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  1. I love this and because they’re each doing their own thing with the numbers it looks so great. I think the sunshine around you is more of an angelic haze, you look gorgeous Petra and a beautiful beginning to 2013.

    • Hi Betty,
      You are such a sweet lady. Thank you for such a special comment.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. I absolutely love it and so stealing that idea for next year ;). Just love what you do sweet. Gorgeous.

    • Hi Tina,
      I’d be honoured for you to do so. And you have the perfect number of family members for those 4 little pockets.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. I love EVERYTHING about your page. And I love and appreciate the effort you went to. What a beautiful family!!!! xxxxx

  4. Mary Whiteside

    I may have to steal this idea, but with each of us holding a number as there are only 4 of us!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Hi Mary,
      Steal away! Yes it may be a theme for a few years to come for us.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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