“Hello Lovely Things” – June

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DSC_0125This little post is about sharing some of my “pretty things”.

Things I am currently using that are crafty and general things that I surround myself with simply because they give me joy. (the real things of joy in my life you see in my weekly Project Life spreads of course but you get plenty of that already)


I don’t plan to share a monthly list of things but just an occasional lot as I am inspired and hopefully they make you smile too.


Bed, Bath & Table 

I am obsessed with that place and find myself drawn to it at least once a week in my lunch break at work. The shop if full of gorgeous linens, cushions, throws and most important plenty of pretty things that I find hard to resist.  Most recently this yellow wooden “hello” sign & these milk bottles that I received for Mother’s day. I move them around the house almost weekly and smile each time my eyes are drawn to them.

photo2Amy Tangerine Embroidery Kits 

I’ll be honest I had some reservations about these. Sewing and me simply do not mix but I have come to love them and look for places to use them all the time. I have posted a few of my recent endeavours on Instagram and had some great feedback. They really are very versatile and easy to use. Even my five year old is getting in on the act! I’m even finding myself looking for different colour threads to use with them. I bought mine from Jodie at Polkadot Creative.

Mini Cacti Garden

Totally inspired by a post done by Kellie at Give a Girl a Blog. This is a blog I visit regularly and immediately knew I needed a mini cacti garden. Now, I am no gardening expert but figured “how hard can it be?”. This is my end result and I must say Im quite proud of it. Love seeing it in the house and also move it round the house based on mood and need. DSC_0021

 Adhesive Cork

Last lovely thing for this post is this thin adhesive cork. I have a lot of plans for this and some you will see in my upcoming Project life pages. You can cut it, stamp it & paint it & I love it. It’s thin but adds texture and warmth. I picked this pack up at my local scrapbooking place Papertrenz. There are a few varieties on the market. It’s nice and thin and I don’t mind that corky smell either. 🙂





Hope you enjoyed this first edition of “Hello Lovely Things”

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    • Hey Michelle,
      Oh no maybe Yellow is the new Clover which is the new Orange? LOL! Just being silly. It is super cute tho.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Tina. Have been playing with it on and off. I have ideas but so far the results have not been as great as my ideas. If at first you don’t succeed ….. 😉

      Thanks For Dropping In

  1. Leanne T.

    Petra, I LOVE your Lovely Things … and really must say that your cacti garden brought back some lovely memories for me … I am NOT a gardener and when I was in my 20s a friend gave me a grandfather cacti (that’s the one that’s got lots of lovely white hair) … surely I could keep a cacti alive and YES I did for many many years, I even had to repot him a few times (affectionately named Sam) and eventually he grew to about a foot tall in a pot … then when I went to Europe for 3 mths, I gave him to my parents and they planted him in their garden near the front door … he grew to abt 4+half feet tall until he died (years later) … everyone loved Sam, he was a real talking point … so thank you for bringing back those lovely memories (sorry for the essay) 🙂

    • Oh Wow Leanne. Didn’t think they would grow so big. I am hoping to keep mine “mini” but thanks so much for sharing such a lovely story. How cool that he had a name.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Petra, all beautiful things, I have those bottles and use them over and over for kids parties etc… I had to take them out of their string and could never quite get them back the same way. We should all have beautiful things around us that make us smile.

    • Hi Betty,
      Yes I was wondering that about the bottles. I’ll keep them as is for now and I totally agree. We should all have beautiful things that make us smile.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Jodie,
      Aaaw thank you. I just thought since they make me happy they may make others too.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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