How I print on 3×4 Project Life Cards.

DSC_0442So the question of how I print onto the Becky Higgins 3×4 project life cards (Like this one on the grid card in week 51)  has come up a few times. You may also know I am not a big fan of my own handwriting so, ths is something I really need to be able to do to make best use of my core kits. Unfortunately for me, these cards are too small for my A3 printer to handle. I know some do, mine does not. A solution had to be found.

**At this point I’d like to preface this with some caution and say that one size does not fit all and this may not work for all printers. (I have no others to test it on. If you do happen to try this please drop  me a line and let me know how you go). UPDATEThe Epson  Picturemate photo printer has proved to be quite popular for at home printing. I have now tested it and if you have a Picturemate you need to use a cut down Silhouette sticky mat and this technique will work in exactly the same way as it does on my printer. yay!DSC_0421

The main feature which will pretty much explain it all is the mat. I have taken an old but new and never opened Cricut die cutting machine sticky mat (I think the Cameo has a similar thing). Honestly I have had a bundle of these mats for years and am still going on the few I have opened.


Next I took one of my old paper trimmers (But scissors would work just as well) and cut the mat to a nice, neat 6×4 size. You’re getting the picture right?




I peel off the plastic sheet  and cut it  in half (the translucent plastic). The best way to check this is just right  is to take one of the Becky 3×4’s and line it up to cut the plastic in exactly the right place. You’ll note some of the new ones are a fraction smaller than 3″ in width. You want to get this right as you don’t want that “stick” on your printer rollers. Replace the plastic cover on one half of the sheet.



Place the card you want to print on, onto the still exposed sticky part like so.





DSC_0443I put a little piece of washi on the side with the plastic cover still on. This is so that I know which side I have been using and which I haven’t. Basically,  I use one side until the stick is gone and then I can swap sides and start again. But it really lasts quite a while.

Now you’re ready to head to your printer!



Insert the cards into your top printer paper feeder tray as with normal 6×4 paper. (Just like with letterhead take I take note in which direction and on which side the printer prints so that you put the card in the right way).

DSC_0436Off to my laptop and I’m ready to print.


I can use any 6×4 canvas with my 3×4 image (text) on the correct side to where I need to print. I use Photoshop Elements for this.

I make sure that when I type my text I take into account any pre printed/stamped element on my paper card. (I could also use the digi version of the card to get it just right and just not print the pre-printed card layer) – Hope that makes sense.

DSC_0440Here it is coming out of my printer ready for inserting into my page sleeve.

** Please also make sure if your printer has a setting for type f paper (i.e. card stock) that you pick the thickest possible but, my printer didn’t really even notice to be honest and I didn’t have to play with settings other than selecting matt vs photo paper.DSC_0441


Finally, here is my finished print. Peel it off, replace the plastic onto the sticky part ready for the next one.

Now, I realise there may be some of you cringing over the cutting of the mat but like I said this is how I do it. And I am so pleased that now I can go crazy printing on the preprinted core kit cards. Yippee. You’re bound to see more of them in my future layouts.


So I thought it is only fair to show you how you can use the Digital Becky Higgins core kit files (Purchased though AC DIGITALS) to perfectly line up your journalling to print onto the 3×4 (or 6×4 really).



Again I start by attaching my 3×4 filler card to my previously made sticky mat.


Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 6.50.30 PM



In Photoshop Elements I create a 6×4 canvas. Open the digital file I will be printing on and drag to the print side of my 6×4 canvas.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 6.51.27 PMPut a text layer on and sit it exactly where I want it to print on my card and type up my journalling.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 6.51.54 PMNow I just hide the “card” layer. (The little eye icon next to each of your layers) & Print.

photo3And Viola! Here it is printed and ready to go into my page pocket! Aaaah Neat right?

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