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imageAs we all rush around madly and attending to end of year school concerts, parties, sports activities, buying, wrapping, celebrating, holidaying and December Daily-ing, who is thinking past the next 30 days?

“Pffft? How can I? I haven’t finished (or started)  my Christmas shopping  yet!?” I hear you say.

I am.

I am because it is this time of year I pull out my grubby, but loved, little note book and open it with trepidation to take a look at my 2013 goals list. <gasp> .. I am nervous. Every time.

You see about this time this year I set myself a list of goals for the next 12 months. Some a personal, some are for the family and some just for fun. It is not a huge or exhaustive list by any means but it is my way of  knowing (and measuring) that not only am I getting older as each year rolls past but,  that I am moving forward, I am growing, I am achieving.  This is not a “new years resolution list”  it’s my plan. It’s my way of stopping for a moment,  among all the wonderful noise that this time of year brings, taking stock and adjusting the sails for the year ahead.

So first things first. 2013. How did I go?

unnamedI’m very nervous sharing this list with you all  because it is the core of who I am, it is personal and it shows my failings. What I am hoping sharing this with you will show is that it all takes an effort. When people say to me “how do you do it all?” I know that I don’t, that I have plenty that needs improving but, I believe that when you set yourself a brief but deliberate plan you are on your way to achieving some of your goals and dreams and we all have those right?

I won’t do a point by point analysis of my success/failure against the 2013 list here but, I will say that despite many curve balls it was a good year. I achieved some I failed others. It’s all part of the process.

So, in thirty days this plan will be done and a new one kicks in. That is what I am working on now. I am stopping in fleeting moments of clarity and making notes on what next year’s list will hold for me.

So what has this process taught me over the years? It has taught me and constantly reminds me to

  • be more thankful and always have hope for the future;
  • taught me that despite thinking I have no time, if something is important to me I can find the time; (like completing a Project Life album each year)
  • not to be too hard on myself  and not stress about setbacks because as we all know, even the best laid plans …..
  • to celebrates being able to tick items off and acknowledge that my plan is working;
  • to appreciate and celebrate all that I have in my life even if it’s not perfect;
  • that I am making progress and an impact both for me personally and my family;
  • to have a plan;

I have decided this year to incorporate my 2014 plan into my project life album and will have an insert somewhere at the start of my 2014 binder. (stay tuned) Perhaps my kids or some future readers of our family history make take something from seeing this 🙂

So, I challenge you to set a plan. (if you don’t already)  Stretch yourself but don’t make it impossible you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve and how good it feels, even if you don’t tick it ALL off.

This is the time of year to stop and really think about what you have achieved to date and be thankful for what and who you have in your life right now. It’s all too easy to get hung up on the bad things, on the negatives and the curve balls you didn’t always dodge. I challenge you to join me, set a plan, be positive and look ahead at what can be and what you can control.   It starts in just thirty days…



PS. I hope you didn’t mind this more personal type blog. It’s not something I do too often but may consider in the future.


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  1. Thank you for sharing Petra, personal posts are great. It gives you that extra in sight into your mind. Congrats on getting so many things achieved in 2013.

  2. Love it Petra!! Thanks for sharing…. I did something similar at the beginning of the year but now just have to find the notebook I wrote them down in!??!?! I like the idea of incorporating it into my PL album for next year. I cannot believe that I have stuck to PL throughout the year (and even redid the album recently) as I have never stuck to 365-type projects all year before, but I am committed to doing so this time and again next year…..

    • Hi Sian,
      Oh I hope you find your notebook! Well done on your success of sticking to PL. I have done it a few years in a row now and love it.
      Well done on committing. Write it down somewhere as a reminder. Maybe in your notebook? (once you find it) 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Oh Petra, I love that you are keeping it real – your honestly is wonderful! I, too, set a list of personal goals for myself in 2013 and documented them in my PL album. …and I will do a wrap up page at the end of the year. (And it is okay not to check EVERYTHING off your list, it gives you something to strive for next year)

    • Absolutely Leanne. So great to hear that someone else sets a list of longer term goals too.
      Maybe I’m not a totally crazy control freak after all?! 😛
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Goals I can do, but “planning” hasn’t worked out well for me so I don’t use the term much – the universe just loves throwing me those curve balls! And I’m learning to be ok with that 🙂 I have loads of lists around the place, but often it’s just a brain dump at the time… I’ve heard from loads of spiritual/energetic folk that 2014 is going to be a MASSIVE year… I can’t wait!!

  5. I love this and i will join you in 2014, it’s putting it out there that makes it achievable and something to look forward to. My weight goal is a similar one to yours too Petra, little by little. Loved this post.

    • Hi Betty,
      Thank you for your joining me. Love that you are on board. Yes I am currently at 10kg down so I am ticking that one off as done. But of course there is always that extra 5 to work on 😉
      setting an honest goal is had the battle.
      Thank For Dropping In

  6. Hi Petra

    Thanks for sharing such personal information. I actually do the same by having some goals written down too. You have done well!

    I’ve started to realise we must make time for ourselves, it makes for a happier household all round I think.

  7. Awesome post, will give this a go for 2014. Yikes sounds scarey just saying those numbers

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