Lightly Sparkling

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I love sparkling water. I know there are some of you that can’t stand it and some like me that love it.

For me it’s a wonderfully refreshing middle ground between a carbonated soft drink and a glass of plain ol’ water.

No guilt of whatever it is you find in a soft drink in the way of flavour, colour sugar and goodness knows what else but, not a boring old glass of plain water.

As the weather is heating up I am finding more and more of this in our fridge at home. This “lightly sparkling” variety is especially nice.

I fell in love all over again when I recently found this bottle in the supermarket.

Love the bottle, love the cause and love the contents. What’s not to love right?


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  1. Oh YUM, me too!!! Love my sparkling water 🙂 My sodastream is in overdrive with summer here LOL!

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