Little 6×4 Template for PL Share + video

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PC_6x4 PhotoTemplate_Final
Last night I shared a photo of this little card I created to insert some Instagram pictures into a 6×4 pockets in my week 4 layout. You know I always struggle with what to do with those pesky (yet oh so adorable & addictive ) Instagrams. I love them but seriously, they give me a headache. With that headache I created this little template to try tame three of them.


The bonus is not only am I sharing the template, I have also created a little video to show you just how to use it to make your own little creation. Yay!

PC_6x4 PhotoTemplate_1_Prev

This is what the blank template will look like when you download it by clicking here >> PC_6x4 PhotoTemplate_1.psd<<

Now that you have downloaded the file you can watch the below video to see how to use it. Nothing fancy just a basic & straight forward ‘how to’.

I hope you enjoy the file and video. It would be AWESOME to see your creations using this template so feel free to post yours on either my facebook page or you can email them to me. I’d love to see what you create.

That’s all form me for now.

Thanks For Dropping In




  1. Fantastic Petra! Your tutorials are so easy to follow, I hope to one day share what I manage to create, still very new to PSE11 so it might be a while :)I also love BH PL Seafoam Kit. Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I am truly pleased you find them easy. Sometimes what seems easy to me may not be to others so that’s great feedback.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Kristie,
      That is fantastic feedback. Thank you so much.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Oh this is awesome Petra – thank you! You’ve really helped me increase my Photoshop skills over the last few months, and I can’t thank you enough 🙂

    • Hi Kylie,

      Wow what an awesome compliment. Thank you so very much.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Your video was clear and easy to follow. And your voice is so cute! =) Your accent is not something I often hear in the Southern part of the United States. THANK YOU, Petra, for the template! It’s absolutely perfect for Instagram.

    • Oh hey Donna!
      Haha you make me laugh. Yes I guess the Aussie accent would be quite foreign there (although I have also been told I sound British). I’m glad you could follow none the less.
      Those adorable but Pesky Instagrams they’re always a struggle for me so had to work out something to tame them. I’m sure there will be more.
      I have already seen a couple of awesome examples of readers using it.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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