I saw these and fell instantly in love. Best of all they were on sale! It was meant to be.

With summer and hot weather on our doorstep they quickly found their way into my wardrobe.

Yes some of you are rolling your eyes. Orange. … it’s my colour of choice this season.

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  • Leanne T. says:

    it is such an ORANGE season this year and Petra you have me looking at it in a whole new light – I tried to leave a comment with the pic of those orange bangles. I just bought myself some the other day to go with a couple of tops that I’ve bought for the summer – just had to have them – but you know I’m a PURPLE girl right?! Hey, maybe Orange is the next Purple … or is that Orange is the next Black …. hehehe!

    • petcor says:

      Hey thanks Leanne. And thanks for looking around. (The Bangles were just an image) but I totally love them. Purple is your Orange. How cool is that :)

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