December Daily – Day 8

Hi guys I’m sharing my day 8 today. This is probably the fastest layout I have done in the album this year so it’s super simple.The reverse side of Day 7’s 3×8 pocket is today’s Dat 8 title page. The red 8 is form last […]

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December Daily – Day 7

Here we go with a quick share of may Day 7.Today is the back of the shaker pocket I started yesterday which I have now just sealed with some washi tape. I painted the back of the gold 6 with some of Ali’s white paint […]

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December Daily – Day 6

Sharing my December Daily day 6 right here. I had a couple of unrelated (to each other) photos amor this day that I REALLY wanted to use and did not want to have to choose. So, since it’s my project and at the end of […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 5

Hi guys, So far so good and here I am sharing here my day 5 of December Daily. I’m finding this year that I am moving away from “planned stories” a bit and going with whatever happens, as it happens. Today Sam the Elf left. […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 3

HI Guys, This one is super short and sweet. Mostly about the story this time and not so much about the photo. Ta Daah!! Not much more to say other than to point out the obvious boo boo I made. I tried to print directly […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 2

Here we are with day 2. Another photo intensive day and although I could have chosen just one photo to represent it I couldn’t decide on the right one so here goes. (promise day 3 is a star contrast ) Here are the first two […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 1

Hi there! Remember me? Ha. Its been exactly a year since I last posted anything to my blog and the reason I am back is because it’s may favourite time of year. December Daily time. Yep I’m doing it again and ‘hope’ to keep up […]

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December Daily 2015 – Day 16

Hi there and welcome to my day 16. Sometimes my stories are intentional but other times, like on this day, I really have no idea what my story for the day will be until I sit down to do my December Daily. You will see […]

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