Printing on Project Life Cards Video

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Hi Guys,

I have now been doing physical Project Life for just over 5 years and other than my white  borders that I add to photos which I show how I do here probably the next most asked question is how I print onto my Project Life Cards.

I have recorded the how I do it video in the past but over the years my process has changed and in my mind fo rah better. The key things you will need are

  • Project Life Cards (obviously)
  • a printer (I use the EPSON235, EPSON PM400 is the new model of this)
  • a computer with Photoshop Elements installed
  • a ruler

I recorded this video using my iPhone and it was really late at night so I apologise it’s not awesome quality but I hope is good enough to show my process.

Hope this helps those of you that have asked or that missed the Live Video I posted on Instagram.

Let me know if you have any quastions I’m always happy to help.


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  1. Great idea behind the video! I was excited to see how its done but the camera needs to be still…I couldn’t see how you were doing anything because the camera was all over the place. A tripod off amazon, they are reasonably priced. I hope you do this again❤

    • Thanks Giddy. Yea it was not great I’m sorry. It’s the 3rd time I had done the video and it was late at night so not my finest.

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