Project Life 2013 Week 45 to 52 (for completeness sake)

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Hi there. Today I thought I’d do a quick wrap up of 2013.  Just to share with you and to show you that it is by enlarge actually complete. And that I finished it by the end of January. Would have been completed sooner, had it not been for Christmas, holidays and other wonderful activities cultivating a good life. I won’t do a lot of talking about these pages and I do apologise about the photo quality up front. There were taken in the evening with not so awesome lighting. Future posts will be back to my usual look.

WEEK 45. Left SideDSC_0016It was at this point I decided to primarily use my Jade core kit cards as my title card too.

Right Side.DSC_0017Gasp! No weekly round up card?! Yes that’s right. I am in the process of deciding whether to make those the rule or the exception and as I had done them all year,  I thought I’d give it a go to go without for the last few weeks. I am finding that the weekly round up stories are a bit … well…. not very interesting. So I need to decide to round up or not to round up. This is a WIP.

I did have a flip up in my week 45. DSC_0025

This was an awesome day! DSC_0026


DSC_0030No that’s not a REAL cockroach!  It is a toy one that my son spent a few weeks delighting in putting in places that would make me (and others) yelp when we spot it thinking it was real. The little prankster!

WEEK 46 – RightDSC_0034 WEEK 47 – LeftDSC_0036I’m not in love with how this weeks layout turned out. Yes I think it’s the handwriting and it is a VERY busy spread.

WEEK 47 – RightDSC_0037WEEK 48 – Left DSC_0038WEEK 48 – RightDSC_0039WEEK 49 – Left & Right DSC_0042DSC_0043It was at this point (1st December) that I had started my December Daily. I tried not to repeat photos that I have in my December Daily Album and I also tried not to go too crazy to be super “christmassy” here in my PL album because, I figure that’s what the December Daily is all about right?

WEEK 50 DSC_0044DSC_0046Looking at these pages now, I think despite not doing a weekly round up card I am still getting plenty of journaling and stories in.

WEEk 51DSC_0047DSC_0048WEEK 52 DSC_0052So this Left side of my week 52 appears unfinished….. well …. ummm… it is. hahaha…. My plan is to have something written by my kids on the blank card because I was thinking they may like to add a bit more than they have this year before the year is over. Good plan?

WEEK 52 – Right sideDSC_0051Week 52 also had an insert. I’ll be honest there were soooo many photos from these last 2 week I was getting delirious trying to cull, edit etc. So I made the decision to just stick some pictures in and be done with it. DSC_0049 Insert side oneDSC_0050Insert side 2.

That picture in the centre left of Mackenzie rolling down a hill? Yes that was going on in my head when I realised I had finally completed 2013 and was all caught up! Yippeeee! Wheeee!


So, that’s it. 2013 done and dusted.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post and thanks ever so much for dropping by my blog to see what I have been up to. 2014 is turning out to be quite an exciting year for me in this space and I can’t wait to share more with you all.


Thanks For Dropping In

Petra x




    • Oh thank you so very much Sandra. Hope you join me for the 2014 journey too!

      Thanks Fro Dropping In

  1. Sandra Bunch

    That’s wonderful, Petra. Congrats on making it through the year and thanks for sharing your talents with us

  2. Lovely!!! Please, what albums are you using? And if you use BH PL pocket pages, do they ‘fit’ comfortably? TIA

    • Hi Simone,
      These are the 12×12 WRMK Leather albums in Clover. I only use the Becky Higgins sleeves and they fit beautifully 🙂 I have used this combination for the last 3 years.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Yay, Petra!!! You did it!! I hope to finish soon, too. Sigh. I’m with you on letting go of the week card. Actually I never used one. I prefer to say what happened during the week with photos and journaling.

    • Yay Donna! You can do it!
      I think I just need to reinvent how I use the week card. Or not. I’m still undecided to be honest and looking for the right answer for me.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Thanks Kellie! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m not sure I would use amazing myself but done none the less.I’m just so happy with that. 🙂

      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. What a sense of accomplishment to know that your 2013 albums are finished …love seeing your pages as always and seeing the GREEN albums – just out of curiosity what colour albums are you using this year?

  5. Your wedding anniversary is the day before mine. Congratulations on the 5+12. I ran out of puff on my 2013 album but have renewed energy in 2014. I love seeing what you do – so creative!

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