Project Life 2014 – Week 4

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IMG_0930Hi and welcome to a quick peek at my week 4. This week was th tail end of our week away and a check-in back to reality. All good things must come to an end. This week sees the back of my big “Summer” cut out that I had in there last week and it was not until I started to put together this post I realised I forgot to take a picture of the entire left side page. Oops. So I did a quick snap of it with my phone. Hope you don’t mind but it’s too dark to try get anything decent using the various lighting option I have in this house. So here we go.


So I’m starting with the aforementioned iPhone shot. Again as a reminder I am doing a mini album of this holiday away so did not want to add to much in the weekly layout. With the exception of these 4 photos which I just love and can’t get enough of ! Does it bother me that the word “Summer” is back to front here? No not at all. I added a little flair on this side just so it would not be “just the back of something”.

IMG_0925So while we were away the pet resort where our doggies stayed posted some pics of our dogs also having fun. This one of our Chihuahua Abbey is by far my fave because it totally cracks me up! Love those guys at the Pet Resort.


This was taken only an hour or so before we got on the ferry to come back to Brisbane. And yes that ominous looking sky certainly delivered a very wet welcome back home! You’ll notice that throughout this weeks layout I used these little transparent alphas by Amy Tangerine. I really love that they are slightly transparent as it makes them look a little more like digital burushes on the page.


Right hand side of the week right here. One big noticeable difference is where I placed my “week ” Card. I could not put it on the left side this week and I am not certain I love it here on the right but it had to go somewhere right?

IMG_0935More of those transparent alphas and finally back to the reality that the school holidays are almost over ! School shoe shopping time!

IMG_0936And that’s all folks!

Thanks so much for Dropping In

Petra x


  1. Sandra Bunch

    Lol, the first thing I noticed was “my goodness… Petra’s put the week card on the right… How did she cope with that?!” And then I read the blog post. You are too cute x For the record, it looks totally fine by the way!

  2. Lovely pages again sweet. And totally digging your pup’s pic. Cracking me up too. Too many lollies at the Pet Resort. Brilliant.

    • Hey Tina! Yes I know it’s probably my favourite pic of this week. There are so many captions you could add! It also cracks me up!

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