Project Life 2014 – Week 6

DSC_0050Hello and welcome to week 6 of Project Life. I went a little “off course” this week and did not use a core kit. Gasp! I hear you say… It’s just a small break and never fear I will continue on with my Becky Higgins Midnight Core and, I might add, this week is not straying too far away from the kit colours either. Shall we get started?


So, this is the left side of the weeks layout. My theme for this week was Black, white and wood… Yep made some good use of my wood veneer stash this week.  I also used some 3×4 Days of the Week, Brush Script  cards hand scripted onto Becky Higgins grid cards by Jodie at Polkadot Creative. A  match made in heaven really. I am totally in love with Jodie’s handwriting and so it’s no surprise I totally love these cards. Lucky for us she sell them too. You can purchase them here.

DSC_0052Yes I certainly do “ENJOY”  being able to use my veneers and they sit so well with the black and white cards. hehe

DSC_0044Skipping over to the right hand side more of the same really. Looking at the week I see there was quite a lot of journalling too! (the “weekly round up” wording on the 6×4 card is NOT Jodie’s delicious script. That’s my poor attempt at it because I needed something that matched to finish off this layout.)
DSC_0053A fork in my layout this week? What’s that all about?…Oh it was the worst experience! I went to grab something quick to eat at lunch at work and was given this implement to eat with. Ok I’m game …. I tried it and can I be honest it was the worst experience ever. The wood in your mouth and scraping across teeth … brrr I even get the shivers thinking about it now. Nails on a chalkboard anyone ?….  Let’s move on shall we?DSC_0046

Probably my favourite bit of this layout is this recount of an evening out with friends. It was last minute, unplanned and an absolute blast!

Week6Finally week 6 in it’s fulness right here.

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