Project Life 2015 – First Page

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So this year I went for a super clean and simple front cover. Had a little fun with it and I am sure you will immediately get the vibe of what I was going for. There is really not much to say about this front page because it is all photos. No kit, no embellishments just photos but, I am really happy with how it turned out.

You see I have not yet selected a kit for this year. I have so much Project Life product that I think I will be a bit random with it this year and not stick to a single kit rather, just see where my mood takes me. Not sure it will work but we’ll see.

So here it is.IMG_6446

I used a photo of my little Light Box in the middle.

IMG_6448I am using the Mint WRMK albums this year for my project life.

Nothing else to say really. Super clean and simple. Now I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the actual documenting.

Hope to be back here soon.

Petra x



  1. And if I had come here first I wouldn’t have had to ask silly questions you have already answered.

  2. I absolutely LOVE THIS PETRA!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic. Creative. And oh so much fun! I can tell your album is going to be a joy to watch come together. xxx

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