Project Life Mini ‘Holiday’ Album

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DSC_0018Today I am posting about something a little different from my usual  weekly Project Life. I have been working on a little mini album and I am pleased to say it’s done.  

**A little warning there are a lot of images in this post. In fact a whole mini album worth! **

So why a mini album?

  1. We were on holiday. It was a long road trip and of course many, many photos were taken. They had to go somewhere.
  2.  I didn’t want to clog up my general family Project Life album with pages and pages of this trip. I still included this trip and photos of it in the usual PL album but different ones. You can check out my week 52  and week 1  if you like.
  3. It makes a really cool little keepsake of just that family trip. In fact I was on a deadline to finish it a week ago because  April (my  sweet 8yo) said, and I quote, “I need to take it to school on Friday for show and share” No pressure right?
  4.  Yes we took many pictures but a regular album and core kit would just be way over the top and run the risk of being a little reminiscent of one of those evening when you are invited to a photo night after someone had just been away on a big trip. You know the type … “here I am standing with a camel” … “here I am standing on the other side of the camel” … “here I am sitting on the camel”  and  “Here the camel …..” you get the picture right? (no offence here I have done this myself)

But what kit did you use?  

(Aren’t the Childhood mini kits specifically for documenting childhood years?)

Indeed they are but, when I looked at them online I instantly thought they could easily be used to document other things. Like this trip.

So I bought the Midnight Mini Album and the Wellington Childhood Mini Kit from our lovely Ozzie/NZ distributor Craft House and off I went.  Below is the result. (A little about my process at the bottom)

So show me already! 


PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_2

I have to say, I love the velvety insides of these albums

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_3Oh yes I always seem to journal a lot

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_4Loved printing on the kit cards

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_5Not too many extra pretties in this album. It had to be manageable.

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_6I did round the corners again. It’s a habit now

DSC_0001It was as important for me to tell a story as take pictures… read as “I talk a LOT”

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_8I inserted keepsakes like the tickets (shown here)

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_9Sometimes the corners didn’t get rounded

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_10Some pictures call for a full page worth of attention (and it’s an easy way to fill a page)

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_11Are you seeing a general pattern to this yet?

PetraCorcoranFeb MiniAlbum_12Every day we drove I included a map of the route, distance, destination etc..

DSC_0002-2One of my favourite pages

DSC_0003These cards are blank as I plan to get the kids to draw or write something about the trip on them.

DSC_0004You see the deliberate matching of journal cards per layout now right?

DSC_0008Using one of the title cards from the kit

DSC_0009Looking at it here I see there is a lot of journalling .. hehe … yup that’s me…

DSC_0010Another page (we’re almost there!)


So about here I was running out of the big 6×4 journal cards and had to get creative with the  3×4’s (or write less….)


Just a few more I promise

DSC_0013Just about there….

DSC_0016And DONE! (Yes I see the typo! …. this page was done on the stroke of midnight on Thursday night before show and share ) … has since been fixed but I kept it here just because … well… it makes me giggle and think of that night finishing it off.

DSC_0004-2And that’s it! All done and dusted… This picture is just because I love that sweet little logo embossed on the back.

If you made it all the way down here to the bottom of this post! Woot Woot! and a High 5! You’re Awesome.

A few quick points on the process I used (Quick I promise) and different from my usual PL process.

  • First I matched up and placed in the blank journal and filler cards. 
  • Then I printed  and added in the photos. (could have stopped here)
  • Next I printed in the journalling, stories & stuck in tickets etc. (could have stopped here too)
  • Finally I stuck in the very few pretties and stickers. I always only planned on doing this IF I had any time left so there are few. (I did stop here)

Basically a 4 pass process of the album that had me go though the whole thing each time.

It’s true that I am generally a total failure at concurrent crafting projects so, I am thrilled that this one did not fall into that category. It was totally doable and I am so excited I have gone back and bought the other two childhood kits and another mini album 🙂 Eeek!

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. What a treasure this album is! You did such a great job on it, Petra! I agree that a mini album is the way to go for documenting vacations. I also agree that the so-called Childhood Mini Kits have a lot more potential than just documenting childhood. I used (okay . . . am using) the Childhood Mini called Mayfield for my Week Six.

    • Hi Donna,
      Yes I have a few leftover cards from the childhood kit and have already used a couple in my PL album.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. I’m a new follower of your blog and I have to say that I absolutely love this project. Love how you included so much journaling and focussed on the story and the pictures. I took a road trip for my honeymoon and now I’m thinking that I need to create a similar album to record the experience.

    • Hi Terra & thank you for coming along to my blog & your lovely comments.
      Good luck with your project. It truly makes a wonderful keepsake and is a great way to ‘get an album done’.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Love this mini album – mini doesnt due them justice – you can pack a whole lot into those pages. I always enjoy your journaling/stories I dont believe there can ever be too much, important, relevant – it belongs. Epic trip, awesome end result and I imagine a happy proud April to be able to share with her classmates, Michelle.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you. Yes I think the minis have far more potential than it seems at first.
      Yes Aptil loved taking it to school. She said the talk went really well.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Michelle stokes

    Looks fantastic Petra! I know exactly how to document our first mini holiday now!

  5. Oh Petra, this is just AWESOME! Well done hun, I absolutely love every. single. bit. of it – I’ve never considered doing a mini album for anything, but you’ve certainly changed my mind now.

    • Hi Kylie,
      Oh thank you for your lovely comments.
      You should give the mini a go. It has so much potential.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  6. gob-smackingly awesome album – LOVE LOVE LOVE all those large photos and how you’ve included them on the pages – brilliant Petra! 🙂

    • Aaaw shucks Leanne.
      Thanks ever so much for taking the time to come have a look.
      I must admit I too love the bi pictures. 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

  7. This is exactly what I envisioned when Becky showed us this mini album. You did AWESOME! So glad the mini kits can be this flexible. I plan to do one of my childhood photos, AND a record of our first 2 grand baby’s to be born in April, and Sept. Thank you for sharing your mini.

    • Hi Debbie,
      That’s really lovely and I am pleased you like my interpretation.
      Good luck with your projects. These kits make it so easy I am sure yours will be awesome.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  8. As I said on Becky’s blog, this is totally awesome!! What a fantastic and lovely way to document a fantastic trip!

    • Hi Yin,
      Thank you for the lovely comment and for leaving it on Becky’s blog AND here.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  9. love this so much!! i’ve made a few mini books with photos & binder rings before, but the mini PL kit would be so much sturdier. great job!

    • Hi Jodi,
      Yes it certainly keeps it all nice and neat in this little binder.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you so much. I ma glad it really inspired some of my readers.
      And you should make one for your next vacation! It’s pretty easy with this system.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  10. Fund your site via Becky Higgins and I just LOVE your album. I have purchased the midnight kit for my 9 year old son and 6 year old (turning 7 next week) girl. I bought them different childhood kits so they had their own style but they both love it. Your album is fantastic and I love when the larger photos are used. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    • Hi Kathy,
      That’s an awesome idea. And such a simple way for the kids to document. Might have to think of doing that with mine 🙂

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you. Yes I think it’ll be a real treasure as the kids get older.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  11. Thank you for this post – exactly what I needed to read! We head off on our first official family holiday on Monday and am so excited about recording it al!

    • Hi Cindy,
      That’s wonderful to hear. I am glad you liked the post but more importantly I hope you have an AWESOME family holiday!!

      Thanks For Dropping In

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  13. What a great album, and I was excited to see the photo of the windmill, which was taken just next door to my house!! Glad you had a great trip, but holy cow you were up here during some of the hottest days we’ve had!

    love the way you’ve out the album together and it will be great for the family to look back on.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Isn’t that fabulous that we were that close to you. Yes it was hot but it was all part of the experience.
      One none of us will forget in a hurry.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  14. I know I’ve commented on this post already but you’ve inspired me to try and do something with my mini album too… 🙂
    Ronnie xo

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Wow can’t wait to see what you do with it. x

      Thanks For Dropping In (again) 🙂

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  16. Your book is beautiful! I am especially loving that it looks like you don’t have the “alligator mouth” opening… keeping it pretty much flat. I have 2 of these style albums, and didn’t end up using them because they got to thick part way through. Now that I have seen what you did, I will try using them again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you so Much Lee.
      I am about to start another one of these.
      I think using the kit and the digital elements really helps keep it clean, simple and flat.

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