VIDEO – Quick Tip #1: Printing onto kit journalling cards.

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Project Life & PSE Quick Tip #1: Printing onto kit journalling cards.

Welcome to the first of my “Quick Tip” series of videos where I share how I go about putting together my hybrid Project Life pages.  My aim is to use these little videos to answer the most frequently asked questions on how I do different things in my project life layouts. I would love any feedback or requests of “how to’s” of anything you have seen on my blog.

Today I am focusing on using the Physical Becky Higgins Core or Mini kits in conjunction with the AC Digitals Core/mini kits to print onto the journalling cards. Using Photoshop Elements this is avery neat way to make sure that your printed journalling sits in just the right spot when printing onto the physical “pre printed” cards.

You will need:

  • A computer & printer
  • Digital Becky Higgins Project Life Files from AC Digitals
  • A Becky Higgins kit of your choice that matches the digital files
  • Photoshop Elements (in this video I use PSE 11)

Click here to watch the video =>> PL_PSE Quick Tip #1

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    • Hi & thanks.
      I have 2. If just printing B&W journaling I use our HP laser printer. For photos and colour images I use my EPSON R3000 which is an A3 photo printer.
      Thanks for such a speedy comment! Love it.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  1. Thanks Petra, great quick tip tutorial. I always love seeing how other people set up their printing or pages for PL.

  2. Obviously…..fantastic!!! Lol, I’ve learned a couple of things already that have been bugging me. Thanks Petra.

    • Hi Betty,
      Obviously it was a long day. I seem to always latch onto a word that keeps popping up! haha
      Glad it was helpful.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Will be watching this tomorrow I think… been procrastinating from going to bed for about an hour already. Can’t wait to see more… I want to know how you do EVERYTHING! 😉

    • Hi Alanna,
      Really? Everything? hehe Hope you made it to bed.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Fantastic Petra, especially for a total PSE newbie like me – I’ll be trying this out soon. Just a suggestion (from a Pinterest addict) I would have liked an example card shown on your blog page so that I could PIN for future reference (hope you don’t mind that).

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