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I have no doubt that the reason you have stumbled to this page/blog today is because of the lovely, orange badge on the left ( I know, hard to miss right?)

First of all I’d like to say

Thanks For Dropping In”.

I was totally floored when I received the news from Becky herself about my success in making the 2013 CT. Me? A no one from Queensland, Australia to be part of a Creative Team of extremely talented women for none other than Becky Higgins Project Life. I couldn’t be?!  I feel like an impostor!

When the email came though a couple of weeks ago I squealed like a teenage girl at a pop concert (do they still call it that?), dropped my iPad and had tears running down my face. I really thought I was a loooooooooong shot. So why did I enter the call you may ask? Purely because of encouragement from a bunch of equally talented, fun and all round wonderful friends I had made on the Project Life Australia Facebook group and who said I should give it a go (thanks Lovelies, you  know who you are ) and an equally supportive husband (Thanks Linc x ) who said “Why not give it a go?”.

So, here we are.

The start of what I hope to be an exciting journey where I share with you my Project Life album for 2013.

If you have a moment have a look around  and feel free to leave me a comment or two.

Thanks For Dropping In


PS. Sorry girls for keeping this news and this blog a secret ’till now. I’m sure you understand. x

PPS. Congratulations to the rest of the awesome team. You can find them all here 




  1. Congratulations, so happy for you Petra, glad your amazing work can be shared with the world of Project Lifers, it really is special. xxx

  2. Well done – you are so talented and humble and have inspired so many of us in the PLA group that this was a fantastic surprise for me, but also one that is so well deserved. Well done xxx

    • Thank you Beth. You guys are the ones that inspire me. Thanks so much for having such an awesome and caring group for me to be a part of. x

  3. Petra, you deserve to be proud of yourself. Your PL is always beautiful to look at and it is easy to see why Becky chose you. Keep up the great work.

  4. That Becky Higgins knows talent when she sees it. It is so exciting. You definitely deserve to be there. So thrilled for you.

    • Thank You Tina for all your support in the group and encouraging me to enter. Who would have thought? x

  5. Well done and so deserved. You will do a great job. Have loved seeing your work in the PLA group.Cannot wait to see what you can do next year now. Congratulations again.

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment. It’s a real honour to be on there with such talented ladies. Plan to do a lot more of what I have done in 2012. Totally Love Project Life. x

  6. Congrats Petra, your pages are always inspiring and I’m so happy for you! To be a part of Becky’s wonderful Team of Talent is pretty awesome!! xo

  7. Congrats Petra – well deserved! Now I really will have to start stalking you at the shops to impart your PSE11 knowledge! LOL Look forward to seeing what you continue to come up with.

  8. Michelle Stokes

    So SUPER excited that you made it xx Congrats again.. Can’t wait to continue following your journey 🙂

  9. Congratulations! Am looking forward to following you in 2013! (and seeing you in the PLA group). Have fun!

    • Thank you Leighna. You may get sick of me here and there. But I’ll be in PLA as always x

  10. I must say you WERE a bit sneaky! LOL 😉 Huge congrats chickie… can’t wait to see more of your amazing PL… and you are going on my “I knew her BEFORE she was famous!” list.

    We Aussie girls have already had a sneak peak at this girls’s “stuff”… so for all you international visitors I am sure you will love following Petra’s Blog. 😉

    • You are too kind Anne-Marie.
      Sneaky? I had to be. Famous? Not likely.
      Thankful and totally delighted? Absolutley.
      Thank you & Thanks For Dropping In. x

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Petra!!!!!! So, so, so, so, so, so, SO happy and excited for you. I know you will fit right in. Your pages are always amazing. I love your blog and will be a daily follower. Here begins the journey my friend. xxxx

    • Thank You Jodie. You are a complete sweetheart and I am lucky to have met you.
      You kindness, support and generosity is always amazing.
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
      Go PDC!

  12. Love your work Petra- well done on making the team and a super-well-done for keeping it a secret from us on the PLA FB Page! You must have been just about ready to burst keeping that news in 😉 I look forward to following your journey in 2013 x

    • Thank Louise and yes. Burst is right! Now I can finally breathe.
      Thanks for your kindness and support. x

  13. Honey Bristow

    I am soooooo, sooooooo REALLY HAPPY for you Petra. Wow!!!! I’m bursting with excitement for you 🙂 Good onya Petra – I look forward to following your blog and your progress next year.
    One more thing…. WOW!!!! You’re on Becky Higgins Creative Team!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you sooooo much Honey. Believe me I am bursting with excitement too. I’m still pinching myself. x

  14. A huge congratulations to you Petra!!! I always love seeing your pages, they are so inspiring. This is such a well-deserved achievement – you are so forthcoming and helpful in all that you do with PL, which I am so very appreciative of. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013 🙂

  15. Such wonderful news Petra and you should be so proud of yourself; your work is amazing! You are such an inspiration in our PLA group and always have such encouraging words. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2013 with your PL, I sure it will be amazeballs!!!! Well done and congratulations :)))))))))))

  16. WoooHoo! I cant wait to stalk your blog 😉 haha in a friendly kind of way! Ever so happy for you Petra and I cant wait to see what you do with your PL in 2013, if 2012 is anything to go by it will be inspirational to say the least.

    • Thank you Amanda for your sweet words. It’s still all a bit surreal and I hope you come visit me often…that is to say… stalk right on ahead. (in a friendly kind of way) x

  17. Oh this is so exciting – I just knew you could do it Petra. I can’t wait to see more of your pages in 2013 to keep inspiring us all. Becky knew a good thing when she saw it!

    • Thanks so much Leah. I am so thrilled and now sitting here finishing off week 49. I’m more motivated than ever… and that’s scary since motivation was never an issue LOL!
      Thanks for your love and support. x

    • Thank you very much Tammy. And you are the first international (excluding NZ) visitor to leave a comment. Yay!

      Thanks for dropping in.

    • Hey Ronnie! Thanks for Dropping In! I am so excited that there is another person from here on the CT!
      I’m also looking forward to getting to know you more. Heading your way for Xmas to spend time with my family.
      Keep in touch

  18. Well I am just a little late but SQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You rock! Becky is LUCKY to have your talent on her team. 🙂

    • hehehe
      I think I’m the lucky one Michelle. That she even considered me.



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