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December Daily 2016 – Day 21

Day 21 right here. This may be the end of my sharing until we return from holiday. Thanks for hanging out with me during this December Daily journey. I have really enjoyed it this year and made it further along than last year so I’m […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 20

Hi and welcome to my share of day 20. Quite a few pictures of these pages so I’ll just get on with it.First page of hiding into the city.The blurry photo mentioned in the story. It’s not perfect but I still love it.The “Be joyful” […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 16

Hi Guys, Had a few days off as the business is ramping up and one of my kids was sick but I am almost up to date now. Here is day 16.Inspiration (read copied the idea) directly from Ali Edwards where Ali went around her […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 13

Hi and welcome to day 13! It has now come up in conversation a few times in our house “can you believe Christmas day is not this weekend but next?” Yipes yes, yes it is! So here I am sharing day 13.Another single page layout […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 11

Welcome to my Day 11 if this year’s December Daily project. So day 10 was quite big with a few pages in contrast day 11 is very much the opposite and is squeezed sown into tow 6×4 pockets and one photo.The top half is this […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 10

Hi There, Today I am sharing my day 10 layout. Can you believe we’re up to day 10 already. My day 10 was mostly about seeing Santa and a little picture I took of one of our cats sitting by the front door looking out […]

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