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December Daily 2017 – Day 2

Well hello and welcome to my day two of December daily. Every few days when I get the opportunity (and if my daughter lets me) I will share her December Daily journey also. I purchased the Kid’s kit for her and it is just perfect […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 20

Hi and welcome to my share of day 20. Quite a few pictures of these pages so I’ll just get on with it.First page of hiding into the city.The blurry photo mentioned in the story. It’s not perfect but I still love it.The “Be joyful” […]

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December Daily 2016 – Day 3

HI Guys, This one is super short and sweet. Mostly about the story this time and not so much about the photo. Ta Daah!! Not much more to say other than to point out the obvious boo boo I made. I tried to print directly […]

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December Daily 2015 – Day 10

Ten day down and 15 to go! Woo Hoo. Day 10 has 2 little stories. Not Christmassy at all but I love both so had to include both. first one revolves around weather. We love crazy weather. We love watching it on amazement so we […]

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Project Life 2015 – Week 1

Hey friends. Well I’m off and racing. Week one right here. In case you didn’t read my last blog post I am planning to just “take it as it comes” this year. I won’t commit to a specific Project Life kit instead choosing to use […]

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Project Life 2014 – Week 18

Hey there friends. Well I went for something a bit different this week. Inspired by the comments about my “circle journalling” from last week and by circles in general, cause let’s face it, they are awesome. I was wondering what it would look like taking […]

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Project Life 2014 – Week 17

Week 17 here we go. This week pretty much marks th start of a downturn of time to spend on PL, photos and a lot of things in general mainly because of cold nights, work pressures and illness. I was just looking at week 18 […]

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Project Life 2014 – Week 15

Yep Week 15. I’m behind but not at all stressed about that! Week 15 I continued the use of the Becky Higgins Midnight Kit. I just want to pause and say to anyone reading this blog post that “behind” does not really exist in Project […]

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Project Life 2014 – Week 14

‘Hello There’ week 14 indeed.  This was a high intensity week for me in particular. Lots of flying, very early mornings, meeting too many amazing people to count only to crash when I came back home. I went back to my Becky Higgins Midnight Core […]

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