Tea for Two

DSC_0100I have this little glass tea set and can tell you that I totally love it. We drink a lot of coffee in this house but now and then, Lincoln & I will have an evening white tea. For those times when the house is all quiet and dimly lit I usually bring out this little tea set & it makes the tea taste extra fine.

What I love about it, I mean what I REALLY love about it is the memory that it brings back to me each and every time it comes out of the cupboard. You see when we lived in Adelaide, South Australia. (Google tells me some 2060km away) we always spoke of getting one of these glass tea sets but life being what it is we never did. About 2 years ago now we made the decision to move to Brisbane. Well, work made the decision for us really. Lincoln had just been made redundant around Christmas and the company I was working for …  let’s say they are no longer around. When I secured my current role in a company in Brisbane it was all on and we had to move but, by that point Lincoln has accepted a 3 month work contract in Adelaide. We made the difficult but necessary decision that I would take April & Calvin (already in school) and settle them with me  in Brisbane while Lincoln and Mackenzie would stay in Adelaide so he could  finish his contract, pack the house and then come join us in Brisbane.

So, for almost 3 months April, Calvin & I literally camped in a big empty house. Blow up matrasess, no furniture, no TV until the rest of the house, Lincoln & Mackenzie joined us. Lincoln worked during the day at work and packing the house at night. No one enjoyed the separation, it was the first time for us and it was hard.

The kids and I spent the weekends exploring the area and driving here and there to get to know Brisbane a little better. It was on one of these weekends that we happened into the some markets where a tea stall was selling this tea set. Missing Lincoln and thinking it would be a lovely surprise when he arrived I bought this tea set and some tea. I did not use it until he was here in Brisbane. Now, every time it comes out and we decided to have a soothing tea it reminds me of that time we were apart & makes me truly appreciate how wonderful it is to be all together.

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