Week 10

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DSC_0008I’m out of the den and ready to post week ten!

D8E_0790Ok this is a big week. Big in activity and big because it involved an insert. Seems this week also has a bit of a ‘desktop publishing’  feel to it. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean in a moment but I must admit I did enjoy it. The focus colour is this adorable aqua found in the Seafoam kit and other American Craft goodies.




So first up, as always, the left side. The most fun here (aside from the “Week 10 card” ) wes the big picture  at the top spanning two 6×4 pockets. I had quite a lot of images from my Versace stay and made up this collage of various size pictures to try capture it. I think it has a bit of a brochure feel to it but that’s the look I was going for. It also allowed me to use those pesky little instagrams again.The bottom left picture of an umbrella has a sweet little vellum Silhouette cut of an umbrella done by the lovely Sarah at Documenting Chaos. She is so good with that machine!

DSC_0015This is a close up of the Instagram collage.

D8E_0791This is the right side of the week with all my lovely friends who I got to meet at the first Ever Project Life Australia Getaway. An awesome weekend with an awesome bunch of lovely ladies who all love Project Life! Yay. We did lots of Project Life talk and saw each others albums in person. Even scored some great Becky Higgins  Project Life goodies from our wonderful distributor CraftHouse. We also received some delicious goodies from Jodie at Polkadot Creative. You will find that the majority of bits on my  week cards are from Polkadot Creative. A great little online shop and just delightful to meet Jodie in person. She also makes monthly mini kits of various goodies. But you have to get in quick as they sell out fast!

DSC_0017This is a close up of some fun from the Getaway. The “PLA Getaway 2013” cut was also done by  Sarah and I just popped it onto a Becky Higgins Seafoam Filler Card. She gave one to all of us attending so if course I had to use it. Thanks Sarah. She has an Etsy shop where she sells cuts and I believe she even does designs by request! Eeek!

D8E_0792Now for the insert. A single print (What no pockets?!) in a Becky Higgins 8×10 Page protector. Again a bit of a ‘magazine’ page look I was going for. Not sure why. Just was.  This whole insert documents what Lincoln did with the kids while I was away over the weekend. I love that he always steps it up and does cool stuff with the kids if ever I am away. I really like this side of the insert. I plan to get a really big version of the picture of April dipping her toe into the water. All the words on this page are also by Lincoln. Yay!

D8E_0793The other side of the insert is right here. I am so lucky that he takes so many pictures. I limited it to these 3 keeping with the aqua colour. No journalling. I think the pictures say it all. Yep they had a blast!  .

Week10Below is the full week side by side. I’m so glad another week is done.

Thanks For Dropping In



  1. Another gorgeous week Petra (if a little frustrating maybe?). I love how your hubby gets involved so the album really does reflect what your family has been doing and not just you.
    (and I soooo get what you mean about staying in nice hotels for work – without hubby and the kids its just sleeping in a different bed, with room service, a relaxing uninterupted bath and fewer distractions – nice once in a while but not on a regular basis).

    • Hi Amanda,
      Yes a real roller coaster of a week for sure. And did I mention expensive?LOL! Thanks for dropping in so quickly!

  2. awesome Petra, love the idea of the magazine spread … and my inserts are way under-utilized – I’ll have to do something about that soon. Thanks for inspiration 🙂

    • Hi Leanne,
      Yes I thought I’d have a bit of fun with it this week. Sometimes you just gotta break away from the same ol’, same ol’.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Just gorgeous Petra and a lovely reminder of the fun we had. You are a machine! Is that a nice thing to say to a lady? Well you know what I mean. Love what you do. Thanks hun for sharing with us. xo

    • Hi Tina,
      Yes we did have fun didn’t we? I am not offended by a machine as I know what you mean 😉
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Sandra Bunch

    Fabulous, as always. Does April realise just how gorgeous that photo is?!?! Great work Lincoln, on taking the kids for most of the week, for the photos and for the story! Petra, you have him trained well! Got any tips? Lol

    • Hi Sandra,
      And I must say it looks even better in real life. Yes Lincoln has a talent for those really special photos.
      As for trained well, hmmmmm I’m not sure I can even begin to call it that. Just lucky he’s a good dad and great with a camera!
      Thanks For Dropping In

  5. documentingchaos

    Lovely pages Petra – so nice seeing how all of us at the getaway have recorded the trip. I LOVE aha you did with the getaway card and the little umbrella! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Could not have done it without ya 😉
      Thanks For Dropping In

  6. Gorgeous spread Petra using my fav Seafoam colour. Where can I find Sarah’s shop where she sells these cut outs? Thanks! 🙂

  7. As always LOVE IT! Love that blue. And love that group shot of us all together at the getaway. PS – Thanks for mentioning Polka Dot Creative. xxx

    • Hi Jodie,
      It’s a pleasure. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Agnus,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes I think it’s ok to mix it up with inserts sometimes.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  8. I’m new to your blog after I decided to check out Becky’s other creative team members this evening. You have a delightful style that really does inspire. Thank you for sharing your talents and creativity. Your layouts are beautiful and tell a wonderful story. I will be back! Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Leilani,
      First of all thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I really love new visitors!
      I am so pleased you like my pages. I really enjoy putting them together and sharing especially when I have a response as lovely as yours.
      Thanks For Dropping In

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