Week 16

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DSC_0160Can you hear me scream? No, that’s week sixteen. Week sixteen? Yes.  But We’re in week 22 now aren’t we? Yes. More on that later.

This one will be brief. Why? because most of you have no doubt already seen this layout when Becky Higgins was promoting alternative use of the mini kits. I have since finished the journalling and added a little more bits and pieces but nothing too exciting.


DSC_0187Left side is right here. I made this weeks layout using remnants of my Wellington Mini Kit after making a travel album with it which you can see here. No real awesome photos or anything fancy as I tried to stick to using the kit alone. Again as I often do I mixed both the physical and digital versions of the same kit to get the effect I was after. e.g.. Bottom right that’s all digital. But the journalling card above is a physical kit card.

DSC_0156Now the right side with a big picture stretched across 2 spaces at the top. It’s what happens when I don’t have too many good photos in a week nevertheless I am pleased to say that I am not forgetting my photo a day. Sometimes they’re not great but I’m cool with that.

DSC_0184And just a bit of an “in situ” shot of the album here.

That’s it. Like I said I’ll keep it brief.

I realise I have been neglecting the blog a bit lately, I do apologise fo that but life has been crazy. May is always a blur in this house and we had some added drama this month which didn’t allow me to spend time here. None the less I am back on track and will be posting more regularly again. Just between you and me I am actually caught up physically in my album just need to find time to blog it all 🙂

Thank you so much for being patient and sticking with me.

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  1. Sandra Bunch

    Love the red. So dashing.
    Looking forward to seeing more! What will you do when you’re all caught up blogging too?

    • Well Sandra it hasn’t happened yet so let’s not count those chickens before they’re hatched! LOL!
      I’m partial to the red myself.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your sweetness.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. documentingchaos

    Lovely Petra – that sports photo of the boys works so well across the top there.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks. I had to photoshop the coach out of it from behind them LOL
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Lisa Russell

      Beautiful! I too love the big photo of the boys across the top of the second page!

      • Hi Lisa,
        Thank you it is quite effective for close ups too.
        Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Thank For Dropping In

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