Week 19

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DSC_0180Trying not to be mean so here’s week nineteen.

Week nineteen is another busy one in the month of May and covered my son’s birthday and mothers day. I had a play with the Amy Tangerine embroidery kits while doing this week and I must say I am hooked. It adds a bit of interest and texture and I tried it on both the Seafoam core kit card and a photo. With so much going on of course there is an insert.  I went 12×12 this time and I am trying Persnikety Prints for the fist time and expect the 12×12 prints to arrive any day. I have included the digital flies here for now.

PetraCorcoran_June_Week19_LHSHere is the Left side of the weeks layout. I stitched a red cross across the “Good” on the Becky Higgins Seafoam insert card. I really like the effect and it was a bit of fun. Otherwise just the usual look and feel to this page and I must say it is quite photo heavy.

PetraCorcoran_June_Week19_RHSHere is the right side of the page. Again I stitched the word “Love” using the Amy Tangerine kit right onto the photo. I was worried the photo paper may not like being pierced with a needle but it worked a treat. I bought both my embroidery kits through Polkadot Creative.

DSC_0177I received a lot of cute little cards and projects from my kids for Mothers Day which I love to keep. The Becky Higgins Large Envelope Page was perfect for this. Just pop it all in and it’s all neatly stored. I love these envelopes I really do.

Mummy dayNow for the Insert. It’s quite bright and I used the Seafoam Digital papers that I bought from AC Digitals as background and the collage template was one created y the very talented Cathy Zielske. You can buy these and other of her wonderful designs at Designer Digitals. I can’t wait till the prints arrive so for now this is the digital version of what they will look like.

Calvin turns sevenHere is the other side highlighting Calvin’s birthday. I always do an insert for Birthdays and generally it tends to have a bit more of a “traditional” feel to it.

And that’s it for now. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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  1. Petra, I’ve just caught up on a few of your weeks in one go – and love them all! Well done, beautiful pages and inspiring as always 🙂

    • Hi Kylie,
      I have just caught up with a bunch of weeks in the last few days too! 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Ruth,
      I tell you they are SO handy for that. You just stick them ALL in and that’s it. Kept safe and sound for as long as your album shall live. 🙂
      I’m about to order some more in fact.
      Thanks For dropping In

  2. loving the insert…….i say it all the time and feel like a broken record but you are seriously talented

    • Aaaaw thank you Michelle. Seriously? 😉

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. And I just want to add Calvin is soooo cute. I LOVE the photo of him getting a big hug. He looks so happy to get the hug. As the Mum of a little boy who does not like his sister touching him i LOVE this.

  4. Leanne T.

    Hi Petra, I had to pop in to let you know to check out the video clip of Pink’s new song True Love. I saw in on Sunday Night (Channel 7) last night and those cute carrot & broccoli toys are on it. I had to smile when I recognised them as the same as the ones you bought.

    • Oh wow! I’ll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for letting me know. I would never know otherwise. x
      Thanks For Dropping In

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