Week 21

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DSC_0231Week twenty one was another big week in our family’s “Mad May” with me finally realising that no amount of kicking and screaming will stop time and slow down the rate at which I hit 40. Time to get it over and done with already! Needless to say there were many gifts and cards to document and to be totally honest I loved this week. I felt so much love from family and friends both near and far and I really was spoilt.





This is the left side of the week. Once  again chose the orange from the Seafoam core kit. Only a few weeks of this kit left before I move onto a new kit and album  at the start of July to cover the second half of the year.

DSC_0233I included a super, SUPER simple filler card this week by sticking a few Studio Calico veneers onto one of the Seafoam filler cards. No, I am not yet over my love of veneers and more surprisingly I am still really enjoying the Seafoam core kit.

DSC_0234I have a couple of inserts this week. One of them is this Becky Higgins Tall envelope pocket. I have jammed in all the birthday cards I received and drawings the kids made for my birthday. I love these envelope pockets. Finally a solution for keeping cards somewhere sensible & safe. I used to always find random cards around the place when cleaning up and generally just ended up placing them in other random places. Now, they finally have a proper home in the right place and time.

D8E_1028This is the right side of week twenty one. As I look at it now there is quite a lot going on on this page so why don’t I take you though some of it.

DSC_0236First up this little glitter pocket which has 3 distinct layers. On the very top is the glitter pocket which is transparent and  has gorgeous sequins in it. I bought this in a Mini Kit which was hand made by the lovely Jodie at Polkadot Creative. I have been waiting to use this pocket for a while now and I am so glad I found the perfect spot for it.

DSC_0240Behind the pocket is a photo of the gorgeous birthday flowers I received from Lincoln but,  the most special part (for me anyway) is the third layer. The third layer is the little card that came with the flowers. the words made me cry on the day and I am so glad I was able to trim it down a little to fit on a blank journalling card and stick in here. I also stuck on a little tab at the top to make it a bit more obvious there is something else there. Kinda cute I think 🙂

DSC_0243Sunday Funday is the school carnival held every two years and the hype about this day had been going for months. I had so many photos of the day that I wanted to include but, didn’t want the one day to take over the whole page. In this instance the solution was to stick a couple of the flip pockets on top of each other to make a mini flip book.

DSC_0249In all it only takes up one 6×4 slot on my layout but the pictures and events are all still there. A couple of little triangle veneers for tabs and viola!


DSC_0259A little sideways view of the week all together (minus inserts). Oh yeah, I said there were two inserts right? Well there are. The second is a little more personal to me and although I share a lot about our lives I son’t share absolutely everything. (I’m sure you understand).

Wee21And the full week right here.

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  1. Sandra Bunch

    I always see your title cards and my eyes must go green with envy. They are {usually} so simple but I would never be able to get them to work the way you do. You rock, Petra! Totally Becky Higgins Creative Team worthy 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,
      No need to go green with envy at all. I have seen your work and I would not have a chance of pulling off what you do. It is gorgeous.
      Thank you for the lovely compliment. You are too sweet.

  2. Really great Petra. You look like you had a great 40th! Love your gift, I’ve just decided to get an iMac too.

    I love those envelope pockets too.

    What are those flip pockets called exactly? What a great idea you have in using them. I often have a few photos like that but yes don’t necessarily want to do a whole page full.

    • Hi,
      Yes I did have a wonderful birthday thank you and I Looooove my iMac. I could never hope for so much screen real estate for my digi stuff! And the extra grunt helps too!
      The flip pockets are called Memory Book Flip Pockets. They come in little packs of 6 all in 4×6 and stick on.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Leanne T.

    Great pages Petra and I had another ah-ha moment while looking through your work – I’ve used the flip-pockets several times before and love them though have never thought to stack them up to create a mini album – thanks for the inspiration! …And I’ll never lose my love for wood veneers either 🙂

    • Hi Leanne,
      I love this kind of feedback. Just hope I can keep it up! Thanks so much x
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Michelle,
      🙂 thanks sweetness. Haven’t seen your PL lately 🙁 miss it. Hope you’re enjoying your train trip. 😉
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Hello Petra – I was lucky enough to see your PL album in real life at the Brisbane expo, and your pages seem to be getting even more lovely! You are a great inspiration and your pages are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Michelle,

    • Hi Michelle,
      Wow that you for your wonderful comments. I am truly blessed to have people like yourself take the time to leave them.
      It’s people like you that make this hobby extra special.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Kellie!
      Thank you for leaving a comment and thanks so much for taking the time to drop in ! 🙂

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